Guest of the League
Moneyball Est. 2019
FFL: Week 12 | NFL: Week 12

Week 12: Wed Nov 25 11:59pm ET

Max Forever 8

Bid Group
$11Nelson Agholor WR LVPlayer awarded. Released Jordan Wilkins RB IND
Dropped: Jordan Wilkins RB IND

The Sh*tbirds

Bid Group
$111Taysom Hill QB NORPlayer awarded.

Bidding Cap Remaining

Atomic 19$292
Max Forever 8$4
Rich D500 YR2$163
Run n Shoot$544
The Sh*tbirds$39
Woke up drunk.$733
Waiver Wire Audits

Thu Nov 26 12:06am ET: Blind Bid Against FAAB.
Thu Nov 26 12:06am ET: Taysom Hill QB NOR awarded to The Sh*tbirds for $111.
Thu Nov 26 12:06am ET: Nelson Agholor WR LV awarded to Max Forever 8 for $11.
Thu Nov 26 12:06am ET: Waiver awards complete.