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Fantasy Week 10 | MLB Week 10
WV PTS 250 Tue May 21 9:50pm ET

I know where you are coming from...glad you took on the challenge.  I have a few rebuilds going on.  Ultimately, this is all for fun and i enjoy the different challenges, whether winning now or rebuilding a team.

Fixer Upper 9* Tue May 21 9:08pm ET
I have a few untalented guys available currently as a non competitive team, lol. Just FYI, this was the last available dynasty H2H available and it was/is ugly!!! But going to run with it
Kluber Lang 13 Tue May 21 8:52pm ET
Amen. If I lose this week I’ll have a lot of talented vets available
WV PTS 250 Tue May 21 8:43pm ET
Last year, I missed wild card by a few points... I'll worry about the future another time and on other teams. I probably would not have done this had tatis not struck out Sunday night or kim hit that Homer. End up tied and lose tiebreaker...Damn! Big difference between 5-2 and 4-3 in this league this season. Very competitive group of players and teams.
Kluber Lang 13 Tue May 21 8:40pm ET
Agreed WV
MickyMan3 Tue May 21 8:38pm ET

Looking for OF, 3B help

WV PTS 250 Tue May 21 8:37pm ET
Honestly, trading gunner makes me a little ill... but Mookie doesn't seem to get enough love in most leagues. He has at least a few very strong seasons still coming up as he is only 31 and in fantastic line up. I love Basallo and Lowder, but they won't help me this year. Hopefully, all players involved stay healthy. Bautista score about 450 points last year minus 5 weeks and he'll be 100% next year. Regardless of much improved chances this year, this was very hard to do.
Kluber Lang 13 Tue May 21 8:30pm ET
Gunnar real hard to trade. I pry would have held but I get it. You got mookie. Great main piece. But damn that kid Gunnar is entering untradeable range.
Fixer Upper 9* Tue May 21 8:26pm ET
Gunnar way hard to give up, other 3 ah. For his get if I was competitive I'd probably do that deal. AA guys might never be, broken closer not my thing, lol. So Gunner for what he got as a competitive team this season looks real good here
Bees Tue May 21 8:21pm ET

WV fleeced

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