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Fantasy Week 9 | MLB Week 9
Kluber Lang 15 Fri May 17 5:58pm ET

Contenders continue to get stronger. I have plenty of pieces for win now teams available 

La Cocoa Thu May 16 1:26pm ET
I’m the one that needs to be selling! 😂
2JAYS 12 Thu May 16 11:41am ET
Kluber Lang 15 Thu May 16 11:38am ET

Proper etiquette, give the first sales post a day or so before blocking their message 😂 💩 

2JAYS 12 Thu May 16 11:33am ET

Looks like a sales week. LOL

Lopez, Seager, Ward, Adames, Edwin Diaz, Burger, Eloy, Gimenez, Happ. 

all available

Splendid Thu May 16 11:31am ET
Great sales pitch😁
Kluber Lang 15 Thu May 16 11:30am ET







All still available will package them or trade with a postion player to upgrade at that position. Pitching is king and I have some to help don’t let your competitors get them before you 



Kluber Lang 15 Thu May 16 9:18am ET

I’m in a hole and have a ton of injury. Have some quality arms for contenders. Open to moving my position players as well if it makes sense. Will take on injured players/TJ arms/elite draft cap


ASSAD the ace





Degrom will be an absolute league winner down the stretch with injury finally out the way. Open to offers/DM/Text 216-288-6679

Kluber Lang 15 Thu May 16 9:16am ET

Lopez Dispensers 22 Mon May 13 12:43pm ET

Hey guys!

I am a little hesitant to send this question out, but I will give it a shot.

I have two catchers that are putting up some good points, Jeffers and Rutschman.  I will take offers on both, but would want more for Rutschman.


Rotate for more data.