No Play

All entries are final

All entries are final once submitted. Entries may not be edited or changed after submission. Player lines for an entry lock when the lineup is submitted.

Entry requirements

All entries must have players from at least two different teams. Each entry may contain only one pick for any one player.



If a hitter does not start the game on the official starting lineup card, picks for that player will be declared no-play. Pitchers will only be declared no-play if they make no appearance in the game.

No-Play or Tie Multiplier

If a lineup pick is a tie or a no-play, that pick will not count as a win or a loss and it will not count towards the payout multiplier.

For instance, if an entry has two wins and one tie or no-play it will be treated as a two pick entry win with a two pick multiplier. Any entry with a pick that is a loss with or without a tie or no-play will be treated as a loss.

If an entry has only one pick that is not a tie, the entry will be refunded if the pick is a win. A loss and a tie will be considered a loss. If an entry has one or fewer picks that is not a no-play, the entry will be voided and the full entry fee refunded.

Overtime, Extra Time, Extra Innings

All statistics and fantasy points include overtime, extra time, and extra innings unless otherwise stated.

Postponements and Suspended Games

If a game is postponed or suspended and the completion of that game does not occur on the original scheduled calendar day, picks for the game will be treated as no-play.

Shortened games that are still official games and all picks from that game will be treated as a complete game.


Players may be selected to multiple entries subject to a limit of $200 for active entries including a single player.

Full Rules