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Fantasy Week 4 | MLB Week 4


Sign Snatchers 24 D1 LogoSign Snatchers 24 D1201.0000882.0519.5
Lopez Dispensers 6 LogoLopez Dispensers 6201.0000788.5689.0
Kluber Lang 6 LogoKluber Lang 6201.0000803.0728.5
Fixer Upper 8 LogoFixer Upper 8110.5001844.5778.0
Jobu's Rum Runners LogoJobu's Rum Runners110.5001698.5635.5
Launch Angle III LogoLaunch Angle III110.5001704.5697.0
Big Papa 125 Dynasty Points 04 LogoBig Papa 125 Dynasty Points 04110.5001674.0676.0
Red Sox LogoRed Sox110.5001720.0770.0
2JAYS 16 Logo2JAYS 16110.5001628.5834.0
MF DOOM LogoMF DOOM020.0002673.5811.5
Rizzle Dizzle LogoRizzle Dizzle020.0002581.0681.0
Acuna LogoAcuna020.0002601.5779.5

Standings through Fantasy Week 3

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