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Launch Angle III Wed Mar 6 10:36am ET
I think you have to renew for 2025 first before you can trade picks.
Lopez Dispensers 6 Wed Mar 6 10:34am ET

Hey guys

I have a few extra picks to offer via trade.  I would be looking for 2025 draft picks in return.

Send me a message or an offer.



Kluber Lang 6 Wed Feb 14 9:46am ET

Robert is gone. 

Yordong Alvarez and Ketel Marte are available as the rebuild continues. 

MF DOOM Tue Feb 13 8:25pm ET

Big Aaron Judge on the block. Not looking to give him away but fielding offers, pitching and young studs preferred. 

Kluber Lang 6 Mon Feb 12 1:02pm ET

Luis Robert is available. I have too many OF. Need 1B but would also accept any infield position or SP

2JAYS 16 Sat Feb 10 11:17am ET

All bench available for upgrade pick swaps 

Fixer Upper 8 Fri Feb 9 3:09pm ET

Players available for picks.

Hitters: Drury, Duran, Estrada, J.D. Martinez, McNeil.

Pitchers:  Anderson, Henry, Quantrill.

MF DOOM Fri Feb 9 12:34pm ET

Dansby Swanson (5th) and Ke'Bryan Hayes (6th) available

Jobu's Rum Runners Thu Feb 8 4:25pm ET
Everson Pereira 


Available for a draft pick.

Lopez Dispensers 6 Thu Feb 8 12:42pm ET

Apparently I have too many teams and can't manage them properly.

I have two OF available, Teoscar Hernandez and Lane Thomas.  Both are keepers if we kept 20.  But we dont, so make an offer if you are interested.

I would like to get a third round for either, or two picks that add up to twelve (4th and 8th) or (5th and 7th) or (two 6's).  Or another option, a 4th round next year.

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