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Mudville 9
Offseason | MLB Week 28
Springfield Isotopes Sat Sep 30 1:12am ET

DynastDeez Sun Jul 9 8:10pm ET

Looking for some action, specifically 1B/3B and/or SP, willing to move prospects, DeGrom as IL stash for future, or really anyone as nobody is untouchable, shoot me an offer if interested.

Toes in the Sand Sun Mar 26 4:12pm ET

Two clock adjustment.  For a redraft???? What a f’ing joke.  

Toes in the Sand Sat Mar 25 8:09pm ET

Hey Donation, maybe you make the pick before it clicks out today so we can wrap up the worlds slowest draft of all time

Toes in the Sand Fri Mar 24 8:56pm ET

Overtime shift????

Donation$ Fri Mar 24 8:25pm ET

Donation$ Fri Mar 24 1:41am ET

Correction, I've made 13 picks in 19 days. 

Toes in the Sand Thu Mar 23 8:33pm ET

Hey commish- can you extend our waiver wire.  Macho needs to take 8 hours for every pick, we may miss the deadline because we can’t draft 15 rounds in 15 days.  

Commissioner Thu Mar 23 2:28pm ET
Please note that cutdowns to the roster limit of 40 players will begin first thing this Sunday 3/26. All teams must be cutdown prior to waivers running Sunday night. Please do this yourself BEFORE Sunday so the site is not forced to decide which of your players to drop for you.

- RTSports
Toes in the Sand Mon Mar 20 7:28pm ET

Nacho Queen with another 8 hour shift.  Congrats assbag.  You really suck

Donation$ Sun Mar 5 11:05pm ET

Toes in the Sand Sun Mar 5 6:07pm ET

Sent out a number of trades.  Anyone respond to them or just let them sit and make me hope for the best.  Lol

Toes in the Sand Sat Mar 4 9:14am ET

Suarez is up for a SP.  anyone interested?

Toes in the Sand Wed Feb 15 11:37am ET

I traded two closers.  Going to keep Presley and Hendricks for now 

Toes in the Sand Tue Feb 14 12:06pm ET

Anyone looking for e reliever-I have 4.  Barlow and Doval will cost much less than Pressly and Hendricks.  Send offers if interested.

Toes in the Sand Sat Feb 11 12:47pm ET

Hey guys, just bought the Hilton team.  Give me a minute to look it over and send out some trades.  I know the drop deadline is today but I will have it down to 25 by tomorrow.  Let me just try to send out a couple of things first.  Send me offers too if you’re interested

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