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Indians Sat Apr 29 1:14pm ET
Edited: Sat Apr 29 1:14pm ET

2B or 3B up for trade. Muncy, India, Chapman, Bregman, or Ryley

Commissioner Thu Mar 23 2:25pm ET
Please note that cutdowns to the roster limit of 30 players will begin first thing this Sunday 3/26. All teams must be cutdown prior to waivers running Sunday night. Please do this yourself BEFORE Sunday so the site is not forced to decide which of your players to drop for you.

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NYKnights Sun Mar 5 8:06pm ET
Castillo is key to deal. We will come back to it another time.
NYKnights Sun Mar 5 8:03pm ET
Not adding second here.
NYKnights Sun Mar 5 8:03pm ET
Sorry wrong league.
NYKnights Sun Mar 5 8:03pm ET
I’m already adding my second round next year. Selling future off here. Can’t add any more.
Indians Sat Feb 18 11:41pm ET

A tough year at 3B and I’ve got two top tier and one bounce back candidate. Ryley, Bregman, and Chapman. Looking for 2B, OF, or 1B. Offers should be commensurate with ADP and factor in position scarcity. Hit me up if interested and are willing to propose a fair swap. 

NYKnights Sat Feb 18 10:22am ET
Shopping Pete Alanso for premium starter or Abreu (Houston lineup) for 2/3 starter.
Benchwarmers Tue Feb 14 12:22pm ET

Let the commissioner know that it was a honest mistake… they usually reverse it and nobody in this league should have a problem with it 

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