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Fantasy Week 13 | MLB Week 13


Fantasy Week 1/2 - MLB Week 1/2

CRAZY EB VIKE338.5vsLopez Dispensers 9484.0
chAmps429.5vsCrew of the Flying D399.5
Gang Starr312.5vsBlack Dog436.5
Knucklehead499.5vsPerfect Storm II409.0
Fixer Upper 2495.0vsMurphy's Law360.0

Fantasy Week 10 - MLB Week 10

Gang Starr199.0vsLopez Dispensers 9236.5
Fixer Upper 2323.5vsscrubs-r-us200.5
Murphy's Law321.5vsCRAZY EB VIKE227.0
Perfect Storm II181.5vsBenchwarmers352.5
Black Dog347.5vsCrew of the Flying D342.5

Fantasy Week 11 - MLB Week 11

chAmps305.5vsLopez Dispensers 9296.5
Gang Starr167.5vsscrubs-r-us196.0
Knucklehead271.0vsCRAZY EB VIKE257.5
Fixer Upper 2368.0vsBenchwarmers294.0
Murphy's Law277.0vsCrew of the Flying D232.5
Perfect Storm II226.0vsBlack Dog333.5

Fantasy Week 12 - MLB Week 12

scrubs-r-us332.5vsLopez Dispensers 9262.5
chAmps278.5vsCRAZY EB VIKE192.0
Gang Starr275.5vsBenchwarmers315.5
Knucklehead210.0vsCrew of the Flying D250.5
Fixer Upper 2215.0vsBlack Dog260.0
Murphy's Law262.5vsPerfect Storm II253.0

Playoff Week 1 - MLB Week 24

No Games Scheduled

Playoff Week 2 - MLB Week 25

No Games Scheduled

Playoff Week 3 - MLB Week 26

No Games Scheduled

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