Guest of the League
Double Header
Fantasy Week 9 | MLB Week 9


Sho me the money! LogoSho me the money!610.85702241.52010.5
Touchy Feely LogoTouchy Feely610.85702190.51968.5
Flashingleather LogoFlashingleather520.71412161.51945.5
Kluber Lang 8 LogoKluber Lang 8430.57122241.52073.0
BigShowD1 LogoBigShowD1430.57122069.02137.0
Lunatic Fringe LogoLunatic Fringe430.57122007.51946.0
sliders Logosliders430.57121968.01971.5
Sign Snatchers 24 D2 LogoSign Snatchers 24 D2340.42932110.02163.5
Paronha LogoParonha340.42931885.51872.0
Nacho Libre LogoNacho Libre250.28641974.52115.0
Build WV PTS LogoBuild WV PTS160.14351881.02296.5
DonnieBaseball23 LogoDonnieBaseball23070.00061896.52128.0

Standings through Fantasy Week 8

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