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Build WV PTS Tue May 7 4:01pm ET

I still have to wait on some young studs to find their way, so will have to wait another year to compete.  I am willing to trade certain players and will extend offers for players I am interested in obtaining.  On the block:

OF - Schwarber, Ward, O'Neill, Conforto

C - Raleigh

1B/3B - Candelario

Whether it is now or when a few of these players heat up or you have injuries...those who want to win now...these are available.  Can package if necessary/makes sense.  Looking for young MLB ready or close to MLB talent or mid/high draft picks for next year.

Build WV PTS Sun Apr 21 12:56pm ET
Edited: Sun Apr 21 12:58pm ET

Taylor Ward available for 2nd round draft pick.  Conforto for 3rd or 4th round.  

Build WV PTS Sat Feb 10 2:02pm ET

Ozuna 3.3 for 5th round pick by 5pm

Nacho Libre Sat Feb 10 10:25am ET

Steven Kwan for a 6th available.

Lunatic Fringe Fri Feb 9 12:33pm ET

Iglesias, Nimmo, and Mullins all available for 5th round picks

Lunatic Fringe Mon Feb 5 12:48pm ET

Everyone on my bench available for draft picks


Kluber Lang 8 Thu Jan 25 9:08am ET

Freddie freeman available 

Build WV PTS Mon Jan 22 3:16pm ET

I am interested to field offers for Jackson Chourio.  I may check again after the remaining team in our league is bought depending on what offers I may get.  Looking for a first round draft pick and good starting pitcher as part of any possible trade.  I am looking for starting pitchers who are likely to get in the range of 18 quality starts +/- and are preferably under 30 years old.  For those who can or want to get creative, I may move Taj Bradley and/or Reid Detmers as part of this trade.  Can also possibly move Coby Mayo if you have keeper room.

Private messaging or emails are good for proposals / discussions.


Nacho Libre Thu Jan 18 10:08am ET

Available for Draft Pick








Paronha Wed Jan 3 7:02pm ET

Thomas, arreaz, Stanton, Crawford, Gibson, Contreras, India available for pitching upgrade or picks

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