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Offseason | MLB Week 28
Put A Clock On It Mon Sep 25 7:08pm ET

I got Orlando Arcia and Bryan De La Cruz on the block for draft picks

WV H2H 2 Sun Sep 24 10:07pm ET
I just lost by 8 in another league thanks to the Seattle and Texas game! Congrats to the winners.
Kluber Lang 8 Sun Sep 24 9:57pm ET

Tough loss by 3. Congrats to the champ 🍻 

Sign Snatchers D II Mon Jul 31 8:43pm ET

Daulton Varsho is available for a modest draft pick.

Sign Snatchers D II Sun Jul 23 10:27pm ET

Hello all!

Congratulations to those in the hunt for this year.

I'm planing to stick around for a bit to try to rework this team. I'm looking to sell off some pieces for draft picks:

Specifically, Jose Abreu, Yandy Diaz, Nick Castellanos, Jordan Montgomery, and Miles Mikolas are available for picks, but I'm willing to listen to anything that helps me down the road.

Put A Clock On It Tue Jun 20 11:21am ET
Trash Can Bangers Sun Jun 11 6:34pm ET
I have Matt Chapman and Carlos Correa and Jeremy Pens available. Need starting pitching.
Kluber Lang 8 Sun Jun 11 6:05pm ET

Freddie Freeman (2nd overall in points) available for starting pitching 

Shoot offer/Text 216-288-6679

Put A Clock On It Tue Jun 6 9:46pm ET
Sounds good. Yeah this my first year too.
Put A Clock On It Mon Jun 5 4:21pm ET
If you are looking to be build your team this is a great trade if it fits your needs
Put A Clock On It Mon Jun 5 4:20pm ET
Orlando is definetly worth a third round pick possibly a second. So you are getting a deal for both of those if you need 1st 2nd or SS. Again I wouldn’t be letting go of Lowe but I picked up Ramirez of waivers and am wanting to keep him.
Put A Clock On It Mon Jun 5 4:18pm ET
I have Mountcastle and Ramirez who I am trying to keep. You wouldn’t be able to pick him up in the draft so he is worth more than a 2nd
Put A Clock On It Mon Jun 5 4:13pm ET
I wouldn’t be getting rid of Lowe or Orlando, but I have mountcastle
Put A Clock On It Tue May 16 5:58pm ET
Yeah no doubt. This is my first year with the team and man my roster was bad
Put A Clock On It Tue May 16 2:25pm ET
Awesome. Chapman is having a career year definitely trade bait for another
Trash Can Bangers Tue May 16 2:22pm ET
Yes I accepted. It will show up if you go to week 9 roster set up. Thanks and good luck to you. I have a lot of third baseman to trade now but I needed a catcher bad.
Put A Clock On It Tue May 16 2:17pm ET
Hey did you just propose or accept a trade from me. My phone said you did but when I checked there was nothing there
Trash Can Bangers Mon May 15 10:57pm ET
What would you want for Salvador Perez?
Put A Clock On It Mon May 15 10:55pm ET
Trash Can Bangers Mon May 15 10:54pm ET
I just traded him to Kluber.
Put A Clock On It Mon May 15 10:51pm ET
Luis Garcia just Announced season ending tj surgery that was my best pitcher
Put A Clock On It Mon May 15 10:51pm ET
What do you need for gore
Trash Can Bangers Mon May 15 10:50pm ET
For DJ I will.
Put A Clock On It Mon May 15 10:49pm ET
Will you take draft picks
Trash Can Bangers Mon May 15 10:40pm ET
DJ LeMehieu available also
Trash Can Bangers Mon May 15 9:06pm ET
Gore available also.
Trash Can Bangers Mon May 15 9:05pm ET
I have Buehler now. Probably won’t trade him because I’m gonna need him next year. I’m looking to trade Alex Bregman, Jeremy Peña for a catcher or pitcher.
Put A Clock On It Mon May 15 8:49pm ET
What do you want for buehler or rondon
Kluber Lang 8 Mon May 15 12:15pm ET

McLain available for SP. 

Baty/Freeman possibly 

Kluber Lang 8 Sat May 6 11:05am ET

Freddie Freeman

Brett Baty

Jordan Walker

Carlos Rodon



All available and will package players. Looking for elite SP willing to work with you. Shoot offer/DM text 216-288-6679

Commissioner Thu Mar 23 2:25pm ET
Please note that cutdowns to the roster limit of 30 players will begin first thing this Sunday 3/26. All teams must be cutdown prior to waivers running Sunday night. Please do this yourself BEFORE Sunday so the site is not forced to decide which of your players to drop for you.

- RTSports
Trash Can Bangers Mon Feb 20 6:38pm ET
I will trade too pitching prospect Daniel Espino if anyone wants to make an offer.
Kluber Lang 8 Fri Feb 3 3:45pm ET

I’m stacked in OF with Tatis and Jordan Walker making the switch. Will package Buehler and Bryan Reynolds for a ace. 2 for 1 

Lunatic Fringe Tue Jan 31 8:32pm ET

Need to move some of these guys in trades or cuts: Cody Belllinger, Eugenio Saurez, Frank Montas, Michael Kopech, Scott Barlow, Michael Wacha, Adam Wainwright.  If interested in any of these guys, send offers. Looking for draft picks but would consider packaging some together for  upgrade.

Kluber Lang 8 Tue Jan 31 2:45pm ET

Bryan Reynolds is available. Looking for pitching/picks 

First Round Closer Sat Jan 28 6:20pm ET

Thanks everyone for looking into this

WV H2H 2 Sat Jan 28 4:32pm ET
H2H 1
Just saw post in roto league. RTS told someone they are moving to 15 rounds so I expect we will go to 12.
Trash Can Bangers Sat Jan 28 3:56pm ET
Probably help RTS from having so many teams being sold each year at reduced prices. I bought my team on a bid last year.
WV H2H 2 Sat Jan 28 3:36pm ET
I sent them a question on that. It makes sense to add rounds to the draft. Too many owners had no hope with their teams so this should equalize that some. Lots of good players in first 5 rounds of the draft now.
Lunatic Fringe Sat Jan 28 11:12am ET

Is RT increasing the number of rounds in the draft? Protecting 18 and drafting 10 rounds leaves most teams short of the roster limit of 30.

Trash Can Bangers Fri Jan 27 3:23pm ET
Dang it
WV H2H 2 Fri Jan 27 3:12pm ET

FYI in case anyone missed it.  The roster rules were just changed.  We only keep 18 now.  Cuts just got tougher and the draft just got more valuable!

Trash Can Bangers Thu Jan 5 4:22pm ET

I still have 4 more players to cut to get my roster to the required 20. I have all good players and top prospects so let’s do a trade if someone is interested. Maybe a 2 or 3 for 1 or draft pick trade for some. 

Kluber Lang 8 Mon Jan 2 12:57pm ET

Players available individually or as a package for upgrade at a position and or draft picks

Bryan Reynolds

Corey Kluber

Brett Baty

Jordan Lawlar

JD Martinez 

Spencer Torkelson

Jordan Walker

Shane Baz

Walker Buehler

Josiah Gray

Matt Manning

Trevor Rogers

Kluber Lang 8 Sat Dec 3 5:05pm ET

Taking offers on Freddie freeman. Looking for a Ace or two strong starters

Kluber Lang 8 Sat Dec 3 5:04pm ET

Taking offers on Freddie freeman. Looking for a Ace or two strong starters

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