2023 Dynasty Teams For Sale

Final bids must be submitted before Sat Feb 4 11:59pm ET. All bids and sales are final.

$50RotoJoe Buck Yourself-RTOThe Diamond Exchange7$125$1200
$50RotoFor SaleAmericas Pastime5$125$1200
$50RotoWalk-off hrDog Days of Summer2$125$1200
$50PtsWalls GanstasJug Guns and Hitting Sticks8$125$1200
$100PtsBall BustersWarning Track Power6$250$2450
$65RotoMettleDeep Fly6$125$1200
$50PtsSky HawksDouble Header6$125$1200
$50RotoRam RanchDeep Purple4$125$1200
$50PtsAcuna Matata 2Barracuda5$125$1200
$50PtsHEAVY HITTERzFour Score and Seven Outs To Go3$125$1200
$50RotoFor SaleBat Flippers7$125$1200
$75RotoWanderlustHall Of Famers2$125$1200
$50RotoLone Star Roto DynastyHall Of Famers5$125$1200
$100PtsLake MonstersAround the Horn4$250$2450
$50PtsX FactorGold Glovers8$125$1200
$50PtsUntouchableGold Glovers3$125$1200
$50PtsSky HawksGold Glovers2$125$1200
$50RotoSqueeze Box 15Roto Wars6$125$1200
$50PtsLone Star Dynasty H2HWipeout Sliders4$125$1200
$50RotoGeneral GrantMudville 91$125$1200
$50RotoSqueeze Box 16Mudville 97$125$1200
$50RotoSouth Park Bat DadsMudville 93$125$1200
$50RotoHilton Head Great WhitMudville 95$125$1200
$100RotoDouble DsTraders Bay7$250$2450
$100PtsDynasty 250 2022Staff of Aces5$250$2450
$50PtsThe Penguin 16Frozen Rope3$125$1200
$50RotoGet SomeThe Long Ball4$125$1200
$50RotoGmoney449Diamond Minds4$125$1200
$50PtsIMPERASilver Sluggers7$125$1200

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If you have any questions contact us at 636.447.1170 or support@rtsports.com.

Winning bids are your 2023 entry fee. All bids are final.
By placing a bid you are authorizing RealTime Fantasy Sports to process payment for the bid should it be the winning bid.
In addition the entry fee, the standard one-time resale deposit is always required.
Unsold teams will receive a one week extension for bids.

Read the full Dynasty Fantasy Baseball roto rules.

Read the full Dynasty Fantasy Baseball H2H points rules.