• Custom rules and Scoring
  • Head-to-Head or Total Points
  • Same NFL player on all teams
  • RealTime Scoring, of course!
  • Dedicated Mobile Support
  • NFL News and Notes
  • Up to 100 Teams, $19.95
Create League
League Setup:
  • Up to 100 Teams! Run a League for Friends or the Whole Office
  • Option for Any Player on Any Team
  • Completely Customizable Rules, Setup Your Own Scoring System
  • Edit Rules at Any Time - Reports Automatically Updated
  • Standings Based on Head-to-Head Competition or Total Score or Both
  • Conference and Division Options
  • Tradional leagues, Draft Masters, Best Ball or One and Done styles

  • Standings Based on Head-to-Head Competition, Total Points or Roto Points
  • Fantasy Power Rankings
  • Detailed Live Scoring
  • Actual vs. Best Possible Team Scoring with Your Rules
  • Top NFL Players Report - Based on Your Rules !
  • Fantasy Defense Rankings
  • Individual Player NFL Stats, FFL Stats, News, and Player Notes
  • Audit reports of transactions, trade, and lineup changes

Additional Customizations:
  • Actively managed teams, best ball or one-and-done
  • Play All Teams in Your League Each Week
  • Award Extra Wins and Losses for High and Low Scoring Teams
  • Post Your Own League News and Pictures
  • Add Your Own Polls and Web Links
  • Custom logos for teams, league and commissioner