What's New? Fantasy Baseball 2021

League Formats

Best Ball Championship - Added $10,000 grand prize Best Ball Championship multi-league tournament.

Dimes Best Ball - New $10 best ball leagues. Simple and easy 10-team drafts with a 4-hour clock. New draft room tailored to smaller devices and non-traditional drafting while not at home on your desktop.

Pandemic Planning

Draft Masters Fantasy Baseball - Added 4 additional starting hitters to the roster for rotissarie-style leagues in an effort to diminish the impact of injuries. Overall roster increased from 20 to 24 players. Increased catcher spot from 1 to 2. Increased the outfield spot from 3 to 5. Increased the Utility hitter spot from 1 to 2.

High Stakes Fantasy Baseball - Added additional reserve roster spots. Increased mixed league rosters from 28 to 30 players. Increased AL/NL league rosters from 24 to 25 players.

Grand Slam Fantasy Baseball - Added additional reserve roster spots. Increased league rosters from 21 to 24 players.

RealTime Fantasy Baseball Championship - Added additional reserve roster spots. Increased league rosters from 30 to 32 players. The additional two roster spots to be filled via free agent moves, not added to the draft. Additionally, the RTFBC will feature two lineup periods per week, Mon-Thu and Fri-Sun to all adjustments during the week.

Rule Changes

Pitchers in Head-to-Head Leagues - The distinction between starting pitchers and relief pitchers has been removed. All pitchers are a single pitcher position. MLB is trending towards openers to go with closers plus more 5-inning or fewer starts, so the line between relievers and starters has been blurred.

Eligibility - Due to the shortened 2020 season, reduced previous season requirement for eligibility to 10 games played. To be consistent, in-season eligibility also changed to 10 games played at a position.

Auction Clocks - The auction rebid clock has been changed to 12 seconds when a bid is made with less than 12 seconds on the bid clock (was previously 8 seconds). Free Agents - Free agent aquisition start time has been changed to 10:00AM on Monday mornings (was previously 9:00 AM) to better accomodate customers in the Pacific time zone.


Mobile Useability - Major upgrades to baseball leagues to make functionality significantly more useable and readable on mobile devices.

Eligibility Report - Now includes filter to show games played by position.

Onwership % - Added to top players and eligibility reports.

Watch List - Available free agent players you are interested in can be flagged for your watch list.