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Slam Dunk - $50.00 - Contest Completed | NBA Week 26


Fantasy Week 1 - NBA Week 1

Ace Chochbag1027.2vsSpringfield Homers21070.5
TOP THIS925.5vsCozzymotos997.8
The Land1014.5vsEye of the Jew1025.8
ChopChopChop981.2vsPepperoni Playboys858.0
LUKA77DIRK41933.8vsBulls W1122.5

Fantasy Week 2 - NBA Week 2

Ace Chochbag1202.2vsCozzymotos970.2
Springfield Homers21409.8vsTOP THIS1250.2
The Land1350.2vsChopChopChop1125.5
Pepperoni Playboys1015.0vsBulls W1196.2
Eye of the Jew972.8vsLUKA77DIRK411081.8

Fantasy Week 3 - NBA Week 3

Ace Chochbag1319.0vsChopChopChop1033.0
Springfield Homers2839.8vsThe Land866.5
TOP THIS1038.2vsPepperoni Playboys1081.2
Eye of the Jew839.2vsBulls W964.8

Fantasy Week 4 - NBA Week 4

Ace Chochbag1275.8vsTOP THIS1132.5
Springfield Homers21221.0vsCozzymotos1108.2
The Land1160.0vsLUKA77DIRK411230.5
ChopChopChop930.5vsBulls W1163.5
Pepperoni Playboys1251.2vsEye of the Jew1029.0

Fantasy Week 5 - NBA Week 5

Ace Chochbag989.0vsThe Land798.0
Springfield Homers21232.0vsChopChopChop870.2
TOP THIS1031.2vsEye of the Jew1136.0
Cozzymotos857.8vsPepperoni Playboys1118.5
LUKA77DIRK411029.0vsBulls W1045.2

Fantasy Week 6 - NBA Week 6

Ace Chochbag1254.2vsPepperoni Playboys995.2
Springfield Homers21070.0vsThe Land1213.8
TOP THIS1256.8vsChopChopChop952.5
Eye of the Jew1335.5vsBulls W1249.0

Fantasy Week 7 - NBA Week 7

Ace Chochbag1401.0vsEye of the Jew954.0
Springfield Homers21291.2vsTOP THIS1044.8
The Land880.0vsChopChopChop1086.2
Cozzymotos1099.5vsBulls W1208.0
Pepperoni Playboys1360.8vsLUKA77DIRK411075.5

Fantasy Week 8 - NBA Week 8

Ace Chochbag819.2vsSpringfield Homers21196.8
TOP THIS1075.2vsCozzymotos1204.2
The Land956.8vsPepperoni Playboys1023.0
ChopChopChop934.2vsEye of the Jew984.8
LUKA77DIRK411158.0vsBulls W1332.0

Fantasy Week 9 - NBA Week 9

Ace Chochbag1014.0vsPepperoni Playboys1128.8
Springfield Homers21162.5vsChopChopChop1049.8
TOP THIS986.2vsThe Land980.0
Eye of the Jew830.2vsBulls W1181.2

Fantasy Week 10 - NBA Week 10

Ace Chochbag902.8vsChopChopChop1095.0
Springfield Homers21019.0vsPepperoni Playboys1021.2
TOP THIS1129.2vsEye of the Jew1200.2
The Land754.5vsLUKA77DIRK411220.5
Cozzymotos767.2vsBulls W1258.5

Fantasy Week 11 - NBA Week 11

Ace Chochbag1415.2vsTOP THIS1029.2
Springfield Homers21285.8vsEye of the Jew979.0
The Land757.2vsBulls W1225.5
Pepperoni Playboys1109.2vsLUKA77DIRK411181.5

Fantasy Week 12 - NBA Week 12

Ace Chochbag1310.8vsLUKA77DIRK411296.2
Springfield Homers21192.0vsCozzymotos731.0
TOP THIS1239.0vsThe Land1183.8
ChopChopChop1228.0vsEye of the Jew1355.5
Pepperoni Playboys1262.0vsBulls W1173.0

Fantasy Week 13 - NBA Week 13

Ace Chochbag1219.5vsThe Land978.8
Springfield Homers21056.2vsLUKA77DIRK411279.2
TOP THIS806.0vsBulls W1151.8
ChopChopChop1094.0vsPepperoni Playboys1234.8
Cozzymotos838.0vsEye of the Jew1000.5

Fantasy Week 14 - NBA Week 14

Ace Chochbag915.2vsChopChopChop1152.5
Springfield Homers21024.2vsBulls W1230.5
TOP THIS1101.0vsLUKA77DIRK411046.0
The Land967.2vsCozzymotos1057.8
Pepperoni Playboys1579.8vsEye of the Jew1157.5

Fantasy Week 15 - NBA Week 15

Ace Chochbag896.0vsCozzymotos871.5
Springfield Homers21097.0vsEye of the Jew975.5
TOP THIS1376.2vsPepperoni Playboys1339.5
The Land848.0vsBulls W1179.0

Fantasy Week 16 - NBA Week 16

Ace Chochbag925.8vsBulls W1201.2
Springfield Homers21064.0vsLUKA77DIRK411224.0
TOP THIS1231.8vsChopChopChop872.2
The Land1114.0vsPepperoni Playboys1173.8
Cozzymotos1166.8vsEye of the Jew1161.8

Fantasy Week 17 - NBA Week 17

Ace Chochbag870.0vsEye of the Jew1196.5
Springfield Homers2931.0vsBulls W1029.0
TOP THIS1115.2vsLUKA77DIRK41984.0
The Land883.8vsChopChopChop841.8
Cozzymotos1078.2vsPepperoni Playboys1106.8

Fantasy Week 18/19 - NBA Week 18

Ace Chochbag422.0vsLUKA77DIRK41802.2
Springfield Homers2713.0vsPepperoni Playboys541.2
TOP THIS523.2vsBulls W627.0
The Land512.2vsEye of the Jew741.8

Fantasy Week 20 - NBA Week 20

Ace Chochbag840.0vsBulls W1176.8
Springfield Homers21109.8vsTOP THIS982.2
The Land869.8vsCozzymotos1343.5
Pepperoni Playboys1226.5vsEye of the Jew1230.8

Fantasy Week 21 - NBA Week 21

Ace Chochbag673.2vsSpringfield Homers21098.5
TOP THIS883.2vsThe Land1152.2
Cozzymotos1070.2vsPepperoni Playboys1199.8
Eye of the Jew1123.0vsLUKA77DIRK411055.2
ChopChopChop888.2vsBulls W1275.8

Playoff Week 1 - NBA Week 22

No Games Scheduled

Playoff Week 2 - NBA Week 23

No Games Scheduled

Playoff Week 3 - NBA Week 24

No Games Scheduled