Nickname: 88257
Fantasy Player Rank: #113
Fans: 5

38 Money League Teams

All-AmericanPractice KindnessinFEBRUARY DRAFT
All-AmericanTake My MoneyinShut in
All-AmericanWoo DiscountinSlow Draft III
AudibleHugs to AllinBest Ball SFlex || 25 Rounds
AudibleLeave Me BradyinMarch Madness
Big LeagueBig League ChewinAround The Horn
Big LeagueAL onlyinAL Slow 2-Hr January
Big LeagueAL Only BL for DennisinAL Semi-Slow
Big LeagueNL Only BL for JoninPre-Spring Training Special
Big LeagueNL Only BL for OliviainNo DH Here
Big LeagueYikesinEarly AL Auction
Big LeagueBL for RitainBL 30 2hr X
Big LeagueEnough Now EnoughinNL Only
Big LeagueJust Keeping BusyinNL Forever
Big LeaguePete Rose HOFinCUBS Suck!
Big LeagueTBDinDown Under
Draft MastersMixed Roto DM for LindainDM Roto 50 4hr XV
Draft MastersAL Only for JenniferinALonly
Draft MastersBusiness as UsualinLock Down Boredom
Draft MastersDM AL Only for BillyinAL Best Ball Roto
Draft MastersDM Mixed for JudyinDM Roto 20 4hr XXIV
Draft MastersDM Mixed for PamelainDM Roto 20 8hr XX
Draft MastersDM Mixed for SheilainDM Roto 20 8hr XIX
Draft MastersDM Mixed for WendyinDM Roto 20 4hr XXVI
Draft MastersDM NL Only for BettyinNL ONLY
Draft MastersDM NL Only for PearlinNL ONLY
Draft MastersMixed DM for TiminDM Roto 20 8hr XVIII
Draft MastersMixed Roto DM for DanieinDM Roto 20 8hr XV
Draft MastersMixed Roto DM for JackinDM Roto 20 4hr XI
Draft MastersMixed Roto DM for MichainDM Roto 20 4hr XII
Draft MastersNL FaninNL ONLY
Draft MastersNL Only for AvainNL ONLY
Draft MastersNL Only for ChristinainNL ONLY
Draft MastersNL Only Roto For PatinNL Roto
Draft Slot123456789101112

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