Nickname: Fantasy_Cash_Machine
Fantasy Player Rank: #126
Fans: 2
Foes: 1

58 Money League Teams

ChampionshipBoggs TanakainFantasy Championship 9/5 10:15pm
RTFFCBoggs TanakainRTFFC Red 15
Best BallBoggs TinBest Ball PRO 372
Best BallBoggs TanakainBest Ball PRO 370
Best BallButtercakesinBest Ball PRO 427
Best BallGummy Bear Tuna MeltinBest Ball PRO 322
Best BallRaphie FCinBest Ball PRO 387
Best BallSalinBest Ball PRO 316
Best BallSTFU DonnyinBest Ball PRO 430
Best BallTeam FiveinBest Ball PRO 279
Best BallTeam FourinBest Ball PRO 268
Best BallTeam OneinBest Ball PRO 210
Best BallTeam SeveninBest Ball PRO 290
Best BallTeam SixinBest Ball PRO 280
Best BallTeam ThreeinBest Ball PRO 249
Best BallTeam TwoinBest Ball PRO 208
Best BallWaterboyinBest Ball PRO 369
Draft MastersJackie TreehorninThursday Night Bestball
Draft MastersSal ButtercakesinAuction time
Audible40 Oz to FreedominEarly start-No Rush
AudibleBoggs TinFriday Night BESTBALL
AudibleGummy BearsinFriday Night
AudiblePractice SquadinBest ball 40 players
AudibleTwo Twenty TwoinSaturday Late
Draft MastersBoggsinBest of the Rest
Draft MastersBoggs CVinLate Night Quick Draft
Draft MastersBoggs TinPlay Ball
Draft MastersBoggs T - CVinBest Ball 20 4hr XIV
Draft MastersBoggs Tanaka 3-10AinSwing Batter Swing
Draft MastersBoggs Tanaka 3-29inAfternoon Delight II
Draft MastersBoggs Tanaka 4-28inTuesday Power Hour Best Ball
Draft MastersBoggs Tanaka CVinLockdown Boredom
Draft MastersBoggs Tanaka Best Ball
Draft MastersBT 2020inDM Roto 20 4hr XX
Draft MastersBT Desert DogsinBest Ball 20 4hr IV
Draft MastersBTC 10.2inThursday Best Ball
Draft MastersBTC 10KinLate Night Best Ball
Draft MastersBTC BullinMonday Quickie
Draft MastersBTC BullsinLate Night Best Ball
Draft MastersBTC BullzinBest Ball 20 4hr XXIII
Draft MastersButtercakesinFriday Best Ball
Draft MastersDecember SlugginginDM Roto 20 2hr III
Draft MastersDesert DogsinBest Ball 20 4hr IX
Draft MastersDesert Dogs IinDM Roto 20 4hr XIII
Draft MastersDodger Blue 88inDM Roto 20 4hr XI
Draft MastersDue DiligenceinDM Roto 20 4hr IX
Draft MastersMayday MaydayinFriday Night
Draft MastersNiners ChampsinAll Aboard
Draft MastersOne Two Twenty TwentyinDraft Masters Thursday night
Draft MastersRocket City Trash PandainMust Draft Now
Draft MastersSal ButtercakesinBest Ball 20 4hr VII
Draft MastersSal Buttercakes 99inScoop and Throw
Draft MastersSal Buttercakes IinBest Ball 20 4hr XVI
Draft MastersSmoak ShowinSaturday Late Night
Draft MastersSunday FundayinAndy Reid Punt Pass And Kick
Draft MastersTurkey DawgsinDM Roto 20 4hr IV
Draft MastersXmas ElvesinDM Roto 20 4hr VIII
Draft MastersYarinHouston...We Have a Sinker
Draft Slot123456789101112

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