Nickname: KingKong23
Fantasy Player Rank: #298

73 Money League Teams

High StakesBums23inLast chance
All-ProBums23inT-Town Boys
All-AmericanBeach Bums 23inSmokeTown USA #420
All-AmericanBear Down EinAll-American 1016
All-AmericanBums 2inAll-American 954
All-AmericanBums 3inTNF Preseason
All-AmericanBums23 1in1 + 1 = 4
All-AmericanClerks23inAll-American 1010
All-AmericanDandy's EinAfternoon Fun
All-AmericanLeg of Lamb EinFootball is Back
All-AmericanPractice Squad-EinAll-American 907
All-AmericanSalty Dogs 1inPlayers Club
All-AmericanSalty Dogs 2inIt's 5 o'clock somewhere
All-AmericanSalty Dogs 3inGreatest Show on Paper
All-AmericanSalty Dogs 67inAll-American 1022
All-AmericanSteady as she goes 23 1inNot Sleepy Joe
All-AmericanSteady as she goes 23 2inBone Heads
All-AmericanSteady as she goes 23 3inAll-American 1072
All-AmericanStuddmuffinsinThe Greatest Show on Paper
All-AmericanStuddmuffins 23inBig Trouble in Little Fantasy
All-AmericanSucker punches EinLights Out
All-AmericanSweetnessinFun Job Bowl
All-AmericanSweetness 23inHit Somebody!
All-AmericanTry not to suck 1inAll-American 1091
All-AmericanTry not to suck 3inAll-American 1106
All-AmericanTry not to suck EinVeterans US Navy
EliminatorOne n doneinONE LAST TIME
EliminatorSteady as she goesinThe Guillotine
Best BallBeach BumsinBest Ball Championship 14798
Best BallBeach Bums 3inBest Ball Championship 14751
Best BallBums23inBest Ball Championship 14805
Best BallBums23inBest Ball Championship 14660
Best BallMax n PiperinBest Ball Championship 14879
Best BallSalty DogsinBest Ball Championship 14706
Best BallSalty DogsinBest Ball Championship 14662
Best BallSalty Dogs 23inBest Ball Championship 14742
Best BallStudsinBest Ball Championship 14777
Best Ball SFlexPDQ 71inBest Ball SuperFlex 822
Best Ball SFlexTry not to suckinBest Ball SuperFlex 852
Best Ball xTraPDQ 23inBest Ball xTra 316
Best Ball xTraStud 23inBest Ball xTra 158
Draft Slot123456789101112

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