Nickname: Mendal
Fantasy Player Rank: #12
Fans: 10

144 Money League Teams

ChampionshipAssassins 1FC-$250inFantasy Championship 5/26 8:00PM
ChampionshipAssassins 2FC-$250 inFantasy Championship 5/28 8:00PM
ChampionshipAssassins 3FC-$250inFantasy Championship 6/3 8:00PM #
ChampionshipAssassins 4FC-$250inFantasy Championship 6/8 8:00PM #
ChampionshipAssassins 5FC-$250inFantasy Championship 6/12 9:00PM
High StakesAssassins 1HS-$125 inMarch Drafting
High StakesAssassins 2HS-$125in1st High Stakes of the Season
High StakesAssassins 3HS-$125inFinzFan Special
High StakesAssassins 4HS-$125inMonday Night Football
All-ProAssassins 1AP-$100inSPARKYS
All-AmericanAssassins 1AAin2017 KICKOFF
All-AmericanAssassins 2AAinSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanAssassins 3AAinSunday night shenanigans
All-AmericanAssassins 4AAintuesdays gone
All-AmericanAssassins 5AAinReady r Not!
All-AmericanAssassins 6AAinThe Franchise Quarterback
All-AmericanAssassins 7AAinKeep The Chains Moving
All-AmericanAssassins 8AAinFriday night lights
All-AmericanAssassins 9AAinEaster Eve
All-AmericanAssassins 10AAinDraft Addicts
All-AmericanAssassins 11AAinDraft Pros
All-AmericanAssassins 12AAinDraftMasters
All-AmericanAssassins 13AAinDraft Now
All-AmericanAssassins 14AAinDraft Now
All-AmericanAssassins 15AAinAny Given Sunday
All-AmericanAssassins 16AAinDiamonds in the Rough
All-AmericanAssassins 17AAinDraft Now II
All-AmericanAssassins 18AAinThursday thunder
All-AmericanAssassins 19AAinDraft Now IV
All-AmericanAssassins 20AAinDraft Now V
All-AmericanAssassins 21AAinDraft Now VII
All-AmericanAssassins 22AAinAll American Auction
All-AmericanAssassins 23AAinThe AA Snake Draft
All-AmericanAssassins 24AAinThe AA Tuesday Fix
All-AmericanAssassins 25AAinNo trades
All-AmericanAssassins 26AAinMemorial Draft
All-AmericanAssassins 27AAinSunday Stoners
All-AmericanAssassins 28AAinJIMBOBS' Cracklin Cookout
All-AmericanAssassins 29AAinFFL Mayhem
All-AmericanAssassins 30AA inOCEAN INVITATIONAL
All-AmericanAssassins 31AAinFF SHARKNADO
All-AmericanAssassins 32AAinTrades suck
All-AmericanAssassins 33AAinStone Cold Killas
All-AmericanAssassins 34AAinSunday Delight
All-AmericanAssassins 35AAinFirst Team Fantasy
All-AmericanAssassins 36AAinNasty Sally
All-AmericanAssassins 37AAinSaturday Special
All-AmericanAssassins 38AAinFootball Fantasies
All-AmericanAssassins 39AAinOTA Dream Team
All-AmericanAssassins 40AAinHump Day Blues
All-AmericanAssassins 41AAinThe Big Time League
All-AmericanAssassins 42AAinBadda Boom
All-AmericanAssassins 43AAinSaturday Special
All-AmericanAssassins 44AAinPuff Puff Pass
AudibleAssassins 7AD-$125inBEYOND HIGH STAKES
AudibleAssassins 8AD-$125inBig Plays In Big Games
AudibleAssassins 1AD-$50inWednesday Audi
AudibleAssassins 2AD-$50inmonday night raw
AudibleAssassins 3AD-$50inTrouble Makers
AudibleAssassins 4AD-$50inBattleGrounds
AudibleAssassins 5AD-$50inI'm Making The Playoffs
AudibleAssassins 6AD-$50inGet Off the Field
AudibleAssassins 9AD-$50inForty Two Yard Line
AudibleAssassins 1DMinQuick fix
AudibleAssassins 2DMinRosen Under Investigation
AudibleAssassins 3DMinThe Usual Suspects
AudibleAssassins 4DMinBanned from the Baseball Lobby
AudibleAssassins 5DMinHAPPY HOUR DRAFTIN
AudibleAssassins 6DMinApril Fools Cheapo
AudibleAssassins 7DMinPead signs 3 year deal
AudibleAssassins 8DMinShaun Hill Invitationsl
AudibleAssassins 9DMinafternoon quickie dm AFAST 1
AudibleAssassins 10DMinTry Try again
AudibleAssassins 11DMinThursday Throwdown
AudibleAssassins 12DMinGoff or Glennon
AudibleAssassins 13DMinSunset Grill n Chill
AudibleAssassins 14DMinCheapo Draft & Go
AudibleAssassins 15DMinBeware of Frying Pans
AudibleAssassins 16DMinFast Money
AudibleAssassins 17DMinRock Lobster
AudibleAssassins 18DMinGet r Done
AudibleAssassins 19DMinGlennon for Hire
AudibleAssassins 20DMinEaster vs Playboy Bunny
AudibleAssassins 21DMinLet's Go
AudibleAssassins 22DMinPead or Fournette
AudibleAssassins 23DMinWhere's the Beef
AudibleAssassins 24DMinFournette Mccaffrey or Pead
AudibleAssassins 25DMinGlenn Coffee returns
AudibleAssassins 26DMinShort Pocket Dweebs
AudibleAssassins 27DMinRosens Mock Draft 2017
AudibleAssassins 28DMinCertainer
AudibleAssassins 29DMinFood Stamp EBT Diaper
AudibleAssassins 30DMinBears are in Ruins
AudibleAssassins 31DMinSaturday Night Fever
AudibleAssassins 32DMinBears are the New Browns
AudibleAssassins 33DMinSunday Draft
AudibleAssassins 34DMinPead Free Agency Tour
AudibleAssassins 35DMinDRAFTMASTERS
AudibleAssassins 36DMinHump Day Draft
AudibleAssassins 37DMinThursday is Draft Day
AudibleAssassins 38DMinWeekend Is Here
AudibleAssassins 39DMinJust In Case
AudibleAssassins 40DMinNo Protesting Just Draft
AudibleAssassins 41DMinSunday Coming Down
AudibleAssassins 42DMinSpring League MVP Ben Tate
AudibleAssassins 44DMinQuick Fix
AudibleAssassins 45DMinEasy Money
AudibleAssassins 43DMinNo Boots for You
AudibleAssassins 46DMinMothers Day Drafting
AudibleAssassins 47DMinLets fill a Diaper
AudibleAssassins 48DMinMaking a Donation
AudibleAssassins 49DMinDawgr vs Death4U
AudibleAssassins 50DMinBozo the Clown Clowns Only!!!
AudibleAssassins 51DMinCaptain Spaulding Clowns Only!!!
AudibleAssassins 52DMinPead on the Move
AudibleAssassins 53DMinKrusty the Clown Open to Cliowns
AudibleAssassins 54DMinLiving the Dream
AudibleAssassins 55DMinCap'n Crunch or Froot Loops
AudibleAssassins 56DMinBeware of the Dawg
AudibleAssassins 57DMinA box full of the Mondays
AudibleAssassins 58DMinUnranked drafters only
AudibleAssassins 59DMinPros vs Joes
AudibleAssassins 60DMinEndzone Celebrating Reunited
AudibleAssassins 61DMinRamble On
AudibleAssassins 62DMinFriday!!!
AudibleAssassins 63DMinCamping at Walgreens
AudibleAssassins 64DMinHappy Memorial Day
AudibleAssassins 65DMinQBs are Overrated
AudibleAssassins 66DMinAfternoon Audi
AudibleAssassins 67DMinShow me your Audi
AudibleAssassins 68DMinFantasy Freakazoids
AudibleAssassins 69DMinDM SUPERFLEX
AudibleAssassins 70DMinReggie DM
AudibleAssassins 71DMinRegular Audi DMs Are Great
AudibleAssassins 72DMinHump Day Invitational
AudibleAssassins 73DMinWake Up Its Draft Time
AudibleAssassins 74DMinLet's Try Again
AudibleAssassins 75DMinBig Girlz Hotwings or Both ?
AudibleAssassins 76DMinDraftWay
AudibleAssassins 77DMinCheap Quickie
AudibleAssassins 1aDMinGet your Beastmode On
AudibleAssassins 2aDMinAfternoon Audi 10/25
AudibleAssassins 3aDMinFILLER UP sf
AudibleAssassins 4aDMinRed Sea Scrolls

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