Nickname: SlvrNv
Fantasy Player Rank: #710
Fans: 10

31 Money League Teams

DynastyKrusty Says...inRoman Empire
DynastyKrustyinMake it Reign
High StakesKrusty HS250inTake Your Time
All-ProKrusty AP250inNFL PPR 250
All-ProKrusty AP50inAll-Pro Football
AudibleKrusty 250inAUD - $250
AudibleKrusty 125inGet High (Stakes)
Best BallKrusty XXIinBest Ball Championship 1619
Best BallKrusty XXIIIinBest Ball Championship 2015
Best BallKrusty XXIXinBest Ball Championship 2483
Best BallKrusty XXVinBest Ball Championship 2081
Best BallKrusty XXVIinBest Ball Championship 2139
Best BallKrusty XXVIIinBest Ball Championship 2345
Best BallKrusty XXVIIIinBest Ball Championship 2423
Best BallKrusty XXXinBest Ball Championship 2506
Best BallKrusty XXXIinBest Ball Championship 2511
Best BallKrusty XXXIIinBest Ball Championship 2530
Best BallKrusty XXXIIIinBest Ball Championship 2560
Best BallKrusty XXXIVinBest Ball Championship 2697
Best BallKrusty XXXVinBest Ball Championship 2724
Best BallKrusty XXXVIinBest Ball PRO 469
Draft MastersKrusty CIinSit and Go 100 VI
Draft MastersKrusty CIIinTime to Pony Up
Draft MastersKrusty CIIIinSit and Go 100 XVI
Draft MastersKrusty LIinSit and Go 50 XXVIII
Draft MastersKrusty LIIinWith the first selection...
Draft MastersKrusty LIVinSit and Go 50 XXVI
Draft MastersKrusty LVinSit and Go 50 XXVII
Draft MastersKrusty XXIIinDraft Masters of the Universe
Draft MastersKrusty XXIVinSit and Go 20 XXXIX
Draft Slot123456789101112

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