Nickname: pokerlimey
Fantasy Player Rank: #243
Fans: 3

12 Money League Teams

Triple PlayWhisky LimeysinFriday Babyyy!!!!
Triple PlayX Ray LimeysinTP 50 4hr VIII
Triple PlayYankee LimeysinTP 50 8hr VII
Triple PlayZulu LimeysinTP 50 4hr IV
Triple PlayAlpha LimeysinLong way to go
Triple PlayBravo LimeysinDecember to Remember
Triple PlayCharlie LimeysinTP 20 4hr IV
Triple PlayDelta LimeysinTP 20 8hr IV
Triple PlayEcho LimeysinNew Years Eve
Triple PlayFoxtrot LimeysinTP 20 8hr VI
Triple PlayGolf LimeysinTP 20 8hr XIV
Triple PlayHotel LimeysinTP 20 8hr XVIII

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