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Red DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
AA 7-1 22265.55 1943.75321.80
Skull Crusher 462069.20-196.351840.90228.30
Ilm Murder Crows2019.70-245.851772.35247.35
C.I.N. SFA91910.20-355.351706.05204.15
Blue DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
maddies longos megans inc III2301.85 1968.95332.90
Mountain Child 32116.55-185.301922.00194.55
Scrubs AA07-Auc2093.00-208.851825.05267.95
xxFire Dragons SF Auc 7-06 Win and Mad Loss2072.05-229.801724.80347.25
White DivisionPointsBehindReg SeasonPlayoffs
The Champion - $200 SF32402.00 2093.85308.15
Hi Friends2291.40-110.602006.80284.60
Free Falling Detroit Lions2080.40-321.601848.65231.75

Points scored including playoff weeks.