Guest of the League
Afternoon Flex
FFL: Week 12 | NFL: Week 12
Waiver claim submission deadline: Wed Nov 25 11:59pm ET

Projected: Wed Nov 25 11:59pm ET

1.Mighty Phin 2 (1304.70pts)
2.No mercy 3 (1337.65pts)
3.Jags 3 d 3 (1414.50pts)
4.protest deez (1433.40pts)
5.Big Market 23 3 (1463.40pts)
6.*Kraken x18 (A Sflex Aug) (1492.15pts)
7.DINK AND DUNK 1 (1517.15pts)
8.08/24- TitleTown (1537.95pts)
9.AASF001 (1558.75pts)
10.KSC (1565.00pts)
11.24 Twenty Four (1584.50pts)
12.1. SANDMAN (1709.05pts)
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