From The Godfather: Week 18

Tue Jul 30 6:54pm ET
Contributing Writer

The big deal this week is the trading deadline Wednesday, so the waiver wire next week could have some interesting players that could help you win a championship. Get ready!

Five teams will play only five games this week: Oakland, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa Bay and Texas. And as been the case lately, most involve inter-league play. The Athletics will play two at home against St. Louis, and Tampa Bay plays two at home against Miami. All four teams have a rare Friday off.

The other inter-league games have the Diamondbacks visiting the Yankees, the Mets and Phillies at the White Sox, and the Brewers at Oakland. All the NL teams getting a DH. Losing their DH will be Baltimore at San Diego, and Minnesota at Miami.

Only four teams play seven games in seven days: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Los Angeles Dodgers and Toronto. That leaves 21 teams playing six games, including Colorado at home for three with the Dodgers and three with the Giants.

A couple player have been brought up from the minors and making enough of an impact they could be worthy of a spot on your roster. Josh Van Meter has taken over left field in Cincinnati and in 70 at bats he has four homers, 10 RBI and a stolen base while hitting .319. If the Reds trade Puig, as the rumors predict, it will solidify his playing time. The Dodgers brought up Will Smith to takeover behind the plate. A strange move for a first place team, and my guess is they want to see if he might be a needed piece to win a World Championship. He could be better than the No. 2 catcher you have.

A couple trades already consummated don’t seem to be helpful for fantasy players. The Mets picked up Marcus Stroman from the Blue Jays for two top pitching prospect. Strange move for a team with little playoff hopes. My guess is this is a prelude to Thor being traded, and Stroman is controllable. Let’s see what the Mets get for him.

Sergio Romo goes to the Twins, and will spend most of his time setting up Taylor Rogers, losing what little fantasy value he had. Eric Sogard goes to Tampa, and will be a utility player with limited at bats. The main beneficiary appears to be Bo Bichette, who should get the majority of starts a shortstop. The Blue Jays will see if he’s their shortstop of the future. I’m not sure he’s ready for prime time. Bid if you are.

The other interesting tidbit from this weekend was Yordy Alvarez playing left field for the Astros on Sunday. In some leagues, he’ll add outfield eligibility, which makes him a lot more valuable than DH only.

Keep an eye out for some big player movement this week, and be ready to grab a player or two to help your championship quest.

Charlie Wiegert was the sixth person to be inducted in the Fantasy Sports Hall Of Fame in 2001. He is a founder of CDM Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports Trade Association. He has been playing and winning fantasy baseball leagues since 1984. If you have any questions for Charlie, email them to Follow him on Twitter @GFFantasySports.

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