From The Godfather: Week 24

Mon Sep 9 10:17am ET
Contributing Writer

Twenty-four down and two to go. It’s crunch time. If you’re trying to get a point or two to improve your place in the standings, there’s not much time left.

This week has no teams that would have five games. There are 18 teams with six games and 12 teams play seven. So if you’re looking to maximize at bats, these are the teams, most in the NL; San Francisco, San Diego, Pittsburgh, New York Mets, Milwaukee, Miami, Chicago Cubs, Arizona and Atlanta. From the AL, it is Oakland, New York Yankees and Houston.

Colorado plays all six of their games at home, three against the Cardinals and three against the Padres. If you’re looking for a couple hitters who might provide a bonus, might this be the time and place Matt Carpenter comes to life? And Dexter Fowler and Kolten Wong should feast on the three right handed Rockies starters. Padres outfielder Hunter Renfroe has been productive lately. And catching help could come from Austin Hedges as Francisco Mejia is out hurt.

Interleague play has only the Red Sox losing a DH this week for two games at Philadelphia. The Los Angeles Dodgers add a hitter for three games at Baltimore. The Reds add a hitter for three games at Seattle. And Washington gains a hitter for three games at Minnesota.

Tell the truth, haven’t you always wanted a Yastrzemski on your fantasy team? Now is the time to get one, Mike Yastrzemski, grandson of the great one. He has been a good hitter against righties this year and his Giants have six on the schedule, so he’ll be in the lineup.

What to take a chance? Justus Sheffield has a nice two step this week as does Zac Gallen. They both have shown some signs of dominating recently, so they could provide some wins and double digit strikeouts this week.

Enjoy if you can!

Charlie Wiegert was the sixth person to be inducted in the Fantasy Sports Hall Of Fame in 2001. He is a founder of CDM Fantasy Sports and Fantasy Sports Trade Association. He has been playing and winning fantasy baseball leagues since 1984. If you have any questions for Charlie, email them to Follow him on Twitter @GFFantasySports.

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