Nickname: 99dawg
Fantasy Player Rank: #847

47 Money League Teams

DimesGorillasinDimes Best Ball SFlx 40
DimesTwistersinDimes Best Ball SFlx 34
Just TDsDs SHARKSinJust TDs 11
Big LeagueGorillas AM50inLike you got something better to
Big LeagueDisco TurkeysinSmell of the Grass
Big LeagueGorillasinThis Is The Year I Win
Big LeagueRhinosinHURRY UP
Big LeagueSHARKSinMobster League
Big LeagueWizardsinBL 30 8hr XXX
Triple PlayHardKnocks tp50inTP 50 8hr X
Triple PlayHardKnocks tp20inspring training
Triple PlayLondon Rippers tp20inTP 20 8hr XXXIII
Triple PlaySHARKS tp20inEvening TP
Best BallDisco TurkeysinBest Ball Championship 2010
Best BallRaptors ZinBest Ball Championship 2298
Best BallRattlersinBest Ball Championship 2119
Best BallRhinos ZinBest Ball Championship 2324
Best BallSHARKS bb20inBest Ball Championship 1997
Best BallWizards ZinBest Ball Championship 2241
HR ShowdownBombersinHome Run Showdown 398
HR ShowdownBRs GorillasinHome Run Showdown 306
HR ShowdownCROCsinHome Run Showdown 9
HR ShowdownDinos IIinHome Run Showdown 25
HR ShowdownGorillasinHome Run Showdown 8
HR ShowdownHomeRuninHome Run Showdown 327
HR ShowdownLondon RippersinHome Run Showdown 242
HR ShowdownLondon Rippers 10inHome Run Showdown 395
HR ShowdownRhinos IIinHome Run Showdown 54
HR ShowdownRhinos VinHome Run Showdown 152
HR ShowdownSHARKSinHome Run Showdown 20
HR ShowdownStingRaysinHome Run Showdown 386
Draft MastersBRs Cougars 50in$50 = better payouts
Draft MastersRaptors 5x5 50inNL ONLY
Draft MastersDs RhinosinTake Me Out To The Ball Game
Draft MastersDs SHARKSinBest Ball 20 8hr XVI
Draft MastersRattlers 5x5inNL ONLY
Draft MastersSHARKS AinBeer league
Draft MastersSpinnersinStrike 3
Draft MastersTornados 5x5inbbdm01
Draft MastersUnicorns nl5x5inNL ONLY
DimesBRs DAWGS p4inDimes Best Ball 524
DimesBRs DAWGS XinDimes Best Ball 561
DimesBRs SHARKSinDimes Best Ball 518
DimesCrocsinDimes Best Ball 532
DimesStingRaysinDimes Best Ball 644
DimesStingRays b4inDimes Best Ball 525
DimesTorttugasinDimes Best Ball 588
Draft Slot123456789101112

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