Nickname: AutumnWinds
Fantasy Player Rank: #107

47 Money League Teams

RTFFC Classic019-RTFFC-01(Pre-Draft)inRTFFC Red 3
High StakesKARENinPlayA's Lounge Invitational
High StakesTUCK N RUNinDeep State High-$takes
Audible040-AUD-BB-01inMidnight Xpress 2 win
All-American013-AA-01(Pre-Draft)inPRE DRAFT AA
All-American017-AA-02 (Post-Draft)inPOST NFL DRAFT AA
All-American020-AA-03inFirst of the Year
All-American030-AA-04inGLADIATORS LEAUGE
All-American032-AA-05inThere Can Only Be One
All-American036-AA-06inMemorial Weekend Draft
All-American037-AA-07inSunday football let's go
All-American039-AA-08inMonday Night Football
All-American042-AA-09inOffensive Player Of The Year
All-AmericanAA ALL DAYinDummies only
Best Ball014-BBC-01inBest Ball Championship 13573
Best Ball015-BBC-02inBest Ball Championship 13575
Best Ball016-BBC-03inBest Ball Championship 13577
Best Ball018-BBC-04inBest Ball Championship 13585
Best Ball021-BBC-05inBest Ball Championship 13596
Best Ball022-BBC-06inBest Ball Championship 13600
Best Ball023-BBC-07inBest Ball Championship 13610
Best Ball024-BBC-08inBest Ball Championship 13621
Best Ball026-BBC-09inBest Ball Championship 13631
Best Ball027-BBC-10inBest Ball Championship 13642
Best Ball028-BBC-11inBest Ball Championship 13672
Best Ball029-BBC-12inBest Ball Championship 13731
Best Ball031-BBC-13inBest Ball Championship 13755
Best Ball033-BBC-14inBest Ball Championship 13759
Best Ball035-BBC-15inBest Ball Championship 13767
Best Ball041-BBC-16inBest Ball Championship 13778
Best Ball043-BBC-17inBest Ball Championship 13784
Best Ball046inBest Ball Championship 13797
Best Ball Scout001-BBS-01inBest Ball SCOUT 12
Best Ball Scout002-BBS-02inBest Ball SCOUT 157
Best Ball Scout003-BBS-03inBest Ball SCOUT 1468
Best Ball Scout004-BBS-04inBest Ball SCOUT 1665
Best Ball Scout005-BBS-05inBest Ball SCOUT 2093
Best Ball Scout006-BBS-06inBest Ball SCOUT 2660
Best Ball Scout007-BBS-07inBest Ball SCOUT 2658
Best Ball Scout008-BBS-08inBest Ball SCOUT 2667
Best Ball Scout009-BBS-09inBest Ball SCOUT 2665
Best Ball Scout010-BBS-10inBest Ball SCOUT 2666
Best Ball Scout011-BBS-11inBest Ball SCOUT 2671
Best Ball Scout012-BBS-12inBest Ball SCOUT 2688
Draft Masters025-DMBB-01inbest ball
Draft Masters034-DMBB-02inSunday Funday - Best Ball
Draft Masters038-DMBB-03inMemorial Day Best Ball
Draft Slot123456789101112

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Not Highly Experienced

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