Nickname: AutumnWinds
Fantasy Player Rank: #494
Fans: 23
Foes: 1

116 Money League Teams

ChampionshipAutumnWindsTFC-24inFantasy Championship 8/13 09:00pm
ChampionshipBubblesTFC1-77inFantasy Championship 8/29 1:30am
ChampionshipHuggyBearTFC3-89inFantasy Championship 9/5 12:00pm
ChampionshipPunaniTFC2-85inFantasy Championship 9/4 1:00am #
RTFFCBig up Yaself-59inRTFFC Red 12
High StakesEl Heffe-98inOver the Middle
All-ProRespek-108inThe Last Draft
Audiblefluffycookie-115inAlex, I'll take Your Momma for $4
AudibleShip Chasing-114inLast draft of the year
AudibleAli G-76inLate Night Superflex
AudibleGoldie-67inBB SFlex 8 Team $125 to Winner
Audiblehoosier-daddy-61inGraveyard Shift
AudibleOne&Only-95inAudibles R Us
AudibleTight-fisted-73inEscape Room - WIn $100/$50
All-AmericanAutumnWindsAA1-1inFriday Night AA
All-AmericanAutumnWindsAA2-4*inTHE LEAGUE
All-AmericanAutumnWindsAA3-5inFFL 2020
All-AmericanAutumnWindsAA4-11*inLate Night Fantasy Show
All-AmericanAutumnWindsAA5-34in2020 Fantasy
All-AmericanAutumnWindsAA6-44inFantasy After Dark
All-AmericanBooyakasha-110inFor Real...Just Do It
All-Americanhoosier-daddy-82inThere Can Only Be One
All-AmericanMaster Bates-101inLate Nighters
Best BallACLsNRainboWs-52inBest Ball PRO 185
Best BallAight-64inBest Ball PRO 249
Best BallAli G-65inBest Ball PRO 257
Best BallAli G-92inBest Ball PRO 453
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC01-6inBest Ball Championship 2617
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC02-8inBest Ball Championship 2623
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC03-9inBest Ball Championship 2639
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC04-10inBest Ball Championship 2638
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC05-12inBest Ball Championship 2647
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC06-13inBest Ball Championship 2645
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC07-14inBest Ball Championship 2656
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC08-15*inBest Ball Championship 2659
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC09-16inBest Ball Championship 2662
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC10-17*inBest Ball Championship 2684
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC11-18*inBest Ball Championship 2686
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC12-19inBest Ball Championship 2674
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC13-20inBest Ball Championship 2701
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC14-21*inBest Ball Championship 2715
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC15-22inBest Ball Championship 2727
Best BallAutumnWindsBBC16-23inBest Ball Championship 2710
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP01-25inBest Ball PRO 112
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP02-26inBest Ball PRO 114
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP03-27inBest Ball PRO 119
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP04-28inBest Ball PRO 111
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP05-30*inBest Ball PRO 124
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP06-32*inBest Ball PRO 128
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP07-33*inBest Ball PRO 129
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP08-36inBest Ball PRO 133
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP09-39*inBest Ball PRO 137
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP10-40inBest Ball PRO 147
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP11-41inBest Ball PRO 151
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP12-42inBest Ball PRO 153
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP13-43inBest Ball PRO 155
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP14-45inBest Ball PRO 149
Best BallAutumnWindsBBP15-47*inBest Ball PRO 167
Best BallAXelfA-12-106inBest Ball PRO 508
Best BallBall of Duty-66inBest Ball PRO 243
Best BallBestBallsHanginLo-54inBest Ball PRO 192
Best BallBooyakasha-57inBest Ball PRO 211
Best BallBubbles-91inBest Ball PRO 450
Best BallCan we see the muff pleinBest Ball PRO 231
Best BallDaKine-105inBest Ball PRO 506
Best Balldebbie_does_bestball-88inBest Ball PRO 424
Best BallDimebags-49inBest Ball PRO 174
Best BallDonald Duck-74inBest Ball PRO 299
Best Ballfluffycookie-75inBest Ball PRO 302
Best Ballfluffycookie-79inBest Ball PRO 355
Best Ballfluffycookie-84inBest Ball PRO 392
Best Ballfluffycookie-93inBest Ball PRO 449
Best Ballgoogle_was_my_idea-50inBest Ball PRO 178
Best Ballgoogle_was_my_idea-81inBest Ball PRO 373
Best Ballgoogle_was_my_idea-86inBest Ball PRO 425
Best BallLAST ONE-107inBest Ball PRO 501
Best BallMaster Bates-87inBest Ball PRO 422
Best BallOne Draft Pony-102inBest Ball PRO 497
Best BallPink Floyd-90inBest Ball PRO 442
Best BallPinkTacos-51*inBest Ball PRO 180
Best BallPinkTacos-53inBest Ball PRO 189
Best BallPunani-55inBest Ball PRO 201
Best BallRespek-83inBest Ball PRO 388
Best BallTooHot-94inBest Ball PRO 461
Best BallTooHot-97inBest Ball PRO 473
Best BallWheel of Misfortune-68inBest Ball PRO 265
Best BallWheel of Misfortune-99inBest Ball PRO 479
Best BallWhite and Nerdy-100inBest Ball PRO 482
Draft MastersOne Draft Pony-103inHUNDRED DOLLAR TUESDAY
Draft MastersBestBaller-96inLabor Day Draft
Draft Mastersfluffycookie-63inTidyBowl Kings??
Draft Mastersgoogle_was_my_idea-80inSPARKYS
Draft MastersIve Got The BestBalls-7inQuick Sunday Draft
Draft MastersACLsNcovid-72inTHE BIG SNAKE PPR BB DM
Draft Mastersalright, alright, alriginLate Night - Best Ballin!
Draft MastersAutumnWindsDM01-2inAfter Work Best Ball Draft $20
Draft MastersAutumnWindsDM02-3inA little Best Ball never hurt any
Draft MastersAutumnWindsDM03-7inFantasy Fist Fight
Draft MastersAutumnWindsDM04-29inAlex, I'll take Your Momma for $4
Draft MastersAutumnWindsDM05-31inBest Ball NOW X
Draft MastersAutumnWindsDM06-35inChicken Dinner
Draft MastersAutumnWindsDM07-37inSUNDAY NIGHT FUN
Draft MastersAutumnWindsDM08-38inBest Ball NOW XII
Draft MastersAutumnWindsDM09-46inBB DM SERPENTINE
Draft MastersAutumnWindsDM10-48*inIve got the nightly Best Balls!
Draft MastersCheck It-58inBest Ballin'
Draft MastersDarthPlagueis-56inI'M A FLAMINGO! Bestest BestBalls
Draft Mastersfluffycookie-71inBest Ball NOW XXI
Draft MastersGo Time-111inLast One- Best Ball Draft $20
Draft MastersLast Last One-116inDraft Right Now
Draft MastersLast One-112inI want Winners
Draft MastersLoco Moco-104inAlex, I'll take Your Momma for $4
Draft MastersOne Last One-113inLast One! - Best Ball Draft $20
Draft MastersPinKTacoS-62inBest Ball NOW XIX
Draft Mastersstay puft marshmallow minI'M A FLAMINGAH! Best Balls
Draft MastersThey Live-69inANOTHER PPR BB DM SNAKE
Draft Slot123456789101112

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