Nickname: CCW13
Fantasy Player Rank: #259
Fans: 3

28 Money League Teams

ChampionshipLarusta Trust TFCinFantasy Championship 8/26 2:00PM
All-AmericanLarusta TrustinHaters Gonna Hate
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 10inCrackback Block
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 11inNFC East Fans
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 12inKahlil Mack Attack
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 13inWhat was I thinking
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 2inSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 3inLeague of Ordinary Gentleman
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 4inSweeting's Championship League
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 5inFooty Classic
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 6inFirst Drafters
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 7inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 8inRegular Old Fantasy League
All-AmericanLarusta Trust 9 SFinGOAT SFlex
AudibleSludge Factory 8inSlow for Beginners Best Ball
Draft MastersSludge Factory 10 50inThursday Nooner
Draft MastersSludge FactoryinSit and Go 20 LXXIV
Draft MastersSludge Factory 11inMad Season
Draft MastersSludge Factory 12inJet Sweep
Draft MastersSludge Factory 13inDown in a Hole
Draft MastersSludge Factory 14inIt's Game Day
Draft MastersSludge Factory 15inLII: 41-33
Draft MastersSludge Factory 2inSit and Go 20 LXXXIII
Draft MastersSludge Factory 3inHall of Fame Draft
Draft MastersSludge Factory 4inSit and Go 20 LXXXIX
Draft MastersSludge Factory 6inSit and Go 20 XC
Draft MastersSludge Factory 7inBest Ball
Draft MastersSludge Factory 9inNo limping Allowed!

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonKarls Deep Sea Salvage,inKFFSC Auction II 2018

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