Nickname: Chaffee6
Fantasy Player Rank: #268

67 Money League Teams

DynastyLoad Up The DrakeinFull Frontal Fantasy
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy22-PPR250inDynasty League Football
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy22-PPR250-BinThe League
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-SF250inRemember the Titans
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-SF250inRed River
DynastyUncle LukeinThe Jedi Council
DynastyAaron Rodgers Dark CaveinFantasy Toke N
DynastyBijan Mostert (BB)inThe Reign of Best Ball
DynastyBijan Mustard (SF)inMother of All Leagues
DynastyBijan Mustard (SF/BB)inBest Ball Forever
DynastyCheetah & Penguin (SF)inThe Trophy Cabinet
DynastyDis Schitt Too Easy (SFinSuperFlex Football Club
DynastyJackpot Joey & The ZeroinTrade Frenzy
DynastyMIAMIinLeague of Legends
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy22-PPRH2HinThe Time Is Now
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy22-SFH2HinI want the rookies
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-PPRinDynasty League Football
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-PPRinRisky Business
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-Rebuild-inAll My Rowdy Friends
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-Rebuild-inAmerican Underdog
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-Rebuild-inInstitute of Flexology
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-Rebuild-inThe Home Team
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-Rebuild-inEnter Sandman
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-Rebuild-inFan Favorite
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-Rebuild-inRally Hat
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-Rebuild-inNational Parks
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-SFLEXin2023 Dynasty Startup!
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-SuperFLEinSignal Callers
DynastyMOC6-DyNasTy23-SuperFLEinThe Terminator
DynastyRisked It for The BijaninTrust The Process
DynastyRUN & SHOOT (SF)inThe Madden Curse
DynastySlobber Knockers (SF)inThe League
DynastyTha DyNasTy 2023inAll My Rowdy Friends
DynastyTua-Infinity & Bijan!inMenace to Society
EliminatorMOC6-Eliminator23-PPRinSudden Death Eliminator
EliminatorMOC6-Eliminator23-SFLEXinThe Guillotine
EliminatorMOC6-Eliminator23-SuperinONE LAST TIME
FaceoffMOC6-FaceOff23inDallas 20 Bracket 3
FaceoffMOC6-FaceOff23inArizona 20 Bracket 2
Best Ball ScoutMOC6-Scout23-01inBest Ball SCOUT 354
Best Ball ScoutMOC6-Scout23-02inBest Ball SCOUT 2448
Best Ball ScoutMOC6-Scout23-03inBest Ball SCOUT 2449
Draft MastersMOC6-Kickoff23-SkillsinDraftmaster's Last Chance PPR
DimesBunch of 3rd Place LoseinDimes Best Ball 14631
DimesBunch of 3rd Place LoseinDimes Best Ball 14635
DimesBunch of 3rd Place LoseinDimes Best Ball SFlx 14630
DimesBunch of 3rd Place LoseinDimes Best Ball SFlx 14643
DimesBunch of 3rd Place LoseinDimes Best Ball SFlx 14648
DimesMOC6-Draft23-PPR01inDimes Best Ball 14684
DimesMOC6-PostDraft23-SFinDimes Best Ball SFlx 14701
DimesMOC6-PreDraft23-PPR01inDimes Best Ball 14668
DimesMOC6-PreDraft23-PPR02inDimes Best Ball 14680
DimesMOC6-PreDraft23-SF01inDimes Best Ball SFlx 14667
DimesMOC6-PreDraft23-SF02inDimes Best Ball SFlx 14669
DimesMOC6-PreDraft23-SF03inDimes Best Ball SFlx 14679
DimesMOC6-PreSeason23-SF01inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15782
DimesMOC6-PreSeason23-SF02inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15792
DimesMOC6-PreSeason23-SF03inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15834
DimesMOC6-TrainingCamp23-PPRinDimes Best Ball 15022
DimesMOC6-TrainingCamp23-PPRinDimes Best Ball 15033
DimesMOC6-TrainingCamp23-SF0inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15023
DimesMOC6-TrainingCamp23-SF0inDimes Best Ball SFlx 15025
DynastyCron' Petty & the TrailinDeep Three
DynastySlime Balls (1.09)inTrust The Process
DynastyWemby's Ol'Fash'n DoublinCrossover
Draft Slot123456789101112

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