Nickname: Chaffee6
Fantasy Player Rank: #603
Fans: 2

42 Money League Teams

DynastyDie Nasty (SFBB)inBest Ball Forever
DynastyDie Nasty 2inThe Trophy Cabinet
DynastyKING of ♦️inAce of Spades
DynastySupaFLxNasTy (SFBB)inBest of the Best
DynastyTha DyNasty (PPRH2H)inAll My Rowdy Friends
DynastyTha DyNasty Part II (PPinBest Ball Dynasty Challenge
DynastyTha DyNasty Part IIIinSuperDelux SuperFlex Best Ball
All-AmericanMOC6-AA30 1in3rd & Long Fantasy Football
EliminatorElim50-01inElimi Nation
EliminatorElim20-01inThe Guillotine
EliminatorElim20-02inSudden Death Eliminator
EliminatorElim20-03inQB Scramble
Draft MastersDM20-01inSuperFLEXball
Draft MastersDM20-02inDraft Masters of the Football Uni
Draft MastersDM20-03inSuperFLEXball '21
DimesChaffee6-SFD 1inDimes Best Ball 5936
DimesChaffee6-SFD 2inDimes Best Ball 5938
DimesChaffee6-SFD 3inDimes Best Ball 5951
DimesChaffee6-SFD 4inDimes Best Ball 5965
DimesChaffee6-SFD 5inDimes Best Ball 5974
DimesDimes01inDimes Best Ball 5824
DimesDimes02inDimes Best Ball 5827
DimesDimes03inDimes Best Ball 5829
DimesDimes04inDimes Best Ball 5836
DimesDimes05inDimes Best Ball 5872
DimesDimes06inDimes Best Ball 5897
DimesDimes07inDimes Best Ball 5899
DimesDimes08inDimes Best Ball 5901
DimesDimes09PPRinDimes Best Ball 5891
DimesDimes17inDimes Best Ball 6004
DimesDimes18inDimes Best Ball 6025
DimesDimes19PPRinDimes Best Ball 6047
DimesSFDimes 4inDimes Best Ball 5902
DimesSFDimes 5inDimes Best Ball 5908
Draft MastersDM20-02inFull Count Fantasy Baseball
Draft MastersDM20-Roto-01inLast chance roto
Draft MastersDM20-01inSit and Go 4hr 20 VI DM
Draft MastersDM20-02inFast Break Fantasy Basketball
DimesDime DollainDimes Best Ball 19
DimesKD, Z, & The BeardinDimes Best Ball 11
DimesTha DimeLyfeinDimes Best Ball 36
DimesThe HATEdinDimes Best Ball 10
Draft Slot123456789101112

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