Nickname: Conan5066
Fantasy Player Rank: #185

62 Money League Teams

Dynasty H2HBack Back Back GoneinPowerhouse Dynasty
Dynasty H2HDrunken MonkeyinSoler Power
Dynasty H2HPandemic TimesinRockstar Fantasy
Dynasty H2HThe CleanersinAngels in the outfield
Triple PlayPappy Van WinkleinRomantic About Baseball
Triple PlayBeat Bobby FlayinWild Pitch
Triple PlayBack Back GoneinTP 50 4hr IV
Triple PlayCat DaddyinTP 50 4hr V
Triple PlayComfortably NumbinTP 50 4hr IX
Triple PlayComic Book DudeinTP 50 4hr XVI
Triple PlayDr JamesoninTP 50 4hr VIII
Triple PlayDr Tullamore DewinTP 50 4hr VII
Triple PlaySwing BatterinTP 50 4hr X
Triple PlayAsterisksinLollygaggers
Triple PlayBangers and MashersinTP100 4hr Slow Draft II
Triple PlayBeer HereinTP 4 Hour 100
Triple PlayBig BanginTP 50 4hr XIII
Triple PlayBleacher CreaturesinOffense or Defense
Triple PlayCrashing Itin2023 $250
Triple PlayCruisersinTP 50 4hr XVII
Triple PlayFully Operational DeathinSpring has Sprung
Triple PlayGreedy BunchinTP 100 March is here
Triple PlayHooligansinTP 100 4hr Slow Draft
Triple PlayLockDowninTP 50 4hr VI
Triple PlayMan DowninJanuary Drafts
Triple PlayMarlin ManinTP 100 with Trades
Triple PlayNappy TimeinTP 100 4hr I
Triple PlayParty TimeinTP 100 4 Hour
Triple PlayQuick FixinNever Too Early to Draft
Triple PlayRules ChangedinHave fun
Triple PlayShort ListinTP 100 League
Triple PlayTeam TerribleinTP 50 4hr XX
Triple PlayThe VillagersinEast Coast Baseball League
Triple PlayUncle Bob's Rock ShopinTP 50 4hr XI
Triple PlayVery NiceinTP 100 With Trading
Best BallCry BabyinBest Ball Championship 1210
Best BallExit VelocityinBest Ball Championship 1266
Best BallHigh HeatinBest Ball Championship 1354
Best BallRetired Old Man no CinBest Ball Championship 1272
Best BallSpazmatics no CinBest Ball Championship 1249
Best BallGrumpier Old GuyinBest Ball Championship 1364
Best BallGrumpiest Old GuyinBest Ball Championship 1324
Best BallGrumpy and Old no CinBest Ball Championship 1328
Best BallGrumpy LoserinBest Ball Championship 1373
Best BallGrumpy Old GuyinBest Ball Championship 1374
Best BallPirateManinBest Ball Championship 1338
Best BallPiratesinBest Ball Championship 1376
Best BallPirates-R-UsinBest Ball Championship 1460
Best BallPirocksinBest Ball Championship 1466
Best BallPoor-PirateinBest Ball Championship 1478
Draft MastersCorona TimeinBest Ball 100 4hr III
Draft MastersCrash and Burn no CinBest Ball 50 4hr II
Draft MastersFinal AnswerinBest Ball 100 4hr VI
Draft MastersGrass Growing TimeinBest Ball 100 4hr VII
Draft MastersGrilling SeasoninBest Ball 50 4hr VI
Draft MastersPaint DryinginYou Can't Handle The Truth
Draft MastersScooter The DJinBest Ball 50 4hr V
Draft MastersScoreboard WatchersinBest Ball 100 4hr V
Draft MastersSnoozerzzzzinBest Ball 100 4hr I
Draft MastersTee To GreeninBest Ball 100 4hr II
Draft MastersValue PickinginBest Ball 50 4hr III
Draft MastersWatchersinSwung on and belted
Draft Slot123456789101112

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