Nickname: Conan5066
Fantasy Player Rank: #218

38 Money League Teams

Dynasty H2HFixer Upper 7*inStaff of Aces
Dynasty H2HSpazmatics*inFast Pitch
Dynasty H2HBack Back Back GoneinPowerhouse Dynasty
Dynasty H2HDrunken MonkeyinSoler Power
Dynasty H2HFixer Upper 5inGold Glovers
Dynasty H2HFixer Upper 6inSpring Training
Dynasty H2HFixer Upper 8inBarracuda
Dynasty H2HRetired Old ManinTexas Leaguers
Dynasty H2HFixer Upper 1inThe Keystone
Dynasty H2HFixer Upper 2inFrozen Ropes
Dynasty H2HFixer Upper 3inSilver Sluggers
Dynasty H2HFixer Upper 4inWipeout Sliders
Dynasty H2HFixer Upper 9*inAround the Horn
Dynasty H2HOld Guys NapinWhite Flag
Dynasty H2HPandemic TimesinRockstar Fantasy
Dynasty H2HThe CleanersinAngels in the outfield
Triple PlayBig BoyinBush League
Triple PlayHooligansinHometown Discount
Triple PlayLD5inMLB Fantasy 24
Triple PlayCry BabyinTP 50 4 Hr
Triple PlayHigh HeatinTP 50 4 hr
Triple PlayLD2inLive Draft 8pm
Triple PlayLD7inLive Draft 8pm
Triple PlayNappy TimeinLast Chance
Triple PlayCat DaddyinTP 20 8hr XV
Triple PlayCruisersinJanuary Baseball Draft
Triple PlayFinal AnswerinOld School
Triple PlayGreedy BunchinSpring has Sprung
Triple PlayLD1inBalkers
Triple PlayLD3inLast Straw
Triple PlayLD4inplay ball
Triple PlayLD6inGood Times
Triple PlayLD8ingame day
Triple PlayQuick FixinTP50 for Traders
Triple PlayTee To GreeninFebruary Draft
Best BallC and BinBest Ball Championship 2311
Best BallCrash And BurninBest Ball Championship 2220
DimesComfortably NumbinDimes Best Ball 636
Draft Slot123456789101112

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