Nickname: CromartiesKids
Fantasy Player Rank: #13
Fans: 87
Foes: 4

48 Money League Teams

All-ProInglorious Basterd W9inElite Fantasy Football
All-AmericanAgainst Me! W8-inMid-State
All-AmericanAlien Convenant W11inFill This Shizzz!
All-AmericanAsh vs Evil Dead W9inAuction
All-AmericanBald A$$hole W1inSuperflex
All-AmericanBig Trouble in Little CinThursday Night Auction
All-AmericanBlack Flag W11-inIt's Pre Season FILL IT
All-AmericanCase of the Mondays W6inMNF in July
All-AmericanCrystal Lake W6inPost Fireworks
All-AmericanDale Cooper: FBI W6inAuction Sunday
All-AmericanDark Knight W5=inActual Auction
All-AmericanDawn of the Dead W9inGoing Going Gronk
All-AmericanDevil's Candy INinAuction Madness
All-AmericanEpic Failure W6inMNF Auction July Edition
All-AmericanEpic Failure W8inHump Night Auction
All-AmericanEpic Failure W9+inThe Budweiser AA August Auction
All-AmericanFear and Loathing W12 +inTrump Loves Fantasy
All-AmericanFreakin' Zekein'inAuctionitis
All-AmericanGame of Jones W12 +16inThe Auction league lets do fishin
All-AmericanInglorious Basterd W9inTotal Eclipse of my Heart
All-AmericanLast Exit To SpringfielinFill This Shizzz!
All-AmericanLast House on the Left inFill this
All-AmericanLast Temptation of CrominSuperflex Auction!
All-AmericanMinor Threat W11-inAll for One
All-AmericanNeedful Things W10+inauction
All-AmericanNightbreed INinCanada Day
All-AmericanNo Use For a Name W9-inAA Auction
All-AmericanPoltergeist W9+inAll-American Fun
All-AmericanPrince of Darkness W7inWednesday Auction
All-AmericanPulp Fiction W10inPrimeTime Auction
All-AmericanReturn of the King W10inTuesday Night Auction
All-AmericanRick and Morty W11inMonday night draft
All-AmericanRise of the Planet of tinHit It Homies
All-AmericanSalem's Lot T W12 +inBlack & Blue Division
All-AmericanSinking like the TitaniinAuction Time
All-AmericanSnakes on a Plane W9in4th of July Draft
All-AmericanSocial Distortion W10inFantasy Pro League
All-AmericanSunnydale High W6inAuction
All-AmericanTexas Chainsaw MassacreinFill this
All-AmericanThe Hills Have Eyes W9inTuesday Auction
All-AmericanThe Misfits W4inThe mid July aa Auction
All-AmericanThey Live W9inSunday Afternoon Auction
All-AmericanThis Is Not A SuperflexinSuperflex is best!!!
All-AmericanTwin Peaks W9-inAuction it UP!
All-AmericanWinter Has Come W8 +inFill This Shizzz!
All-AmericanZ Epic Failure+inTuesday Night Training Camp Aucti
All-AmericanZ Epic Failure+inFill This Shizzz!
All-AmericanZ Epic Failure+inBroken Nose Auction

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