Nickname: CrustySockPuppet
Fantasy Player Rank: #180
Fans: 29
Foes: 1

45 Money League Teams

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All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 1inReady r Not!
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 2inOmaha-Omaha-Omaha
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 3inSlowpokes
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 4inSuper flex
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 5inMake SFlex Great Again
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 6inStart the moment
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 7inFinal Friday
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 8inRookies delite
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 9inEarly Worm
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 1inGrab 'em by the Trump
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 1inWestWorld
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 1inWe Love TDs
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 1inYou Must Be Hungry!
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 1inMonday night draft
All-AmericanBen Daterapelisberger 1inFantasy Frenzy
AudibleAa_o_ He__a_dez 1 TPin12 25 Let's Go!
AudibleAa_o_ He__a_dez 2 TPinThe Usual Suspects
AudibleAa_o_ He__a_dez 3 TPinShort Pocket Dweebs
AudibleAa_o_n He__a_dez 4 TPinBears are in Ruins
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz SFlexinRed-headed Stepchild
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 2 SFleinNo K No D - No problem
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 3 SFleinTime For Drafting
AudibleAa_o_ He__a_dez 5 TPinLiving the Dream
AudibleAa_o_ He__a_dez 6 TPinUnranked drafters only
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 4 SFleinFlex Em If You Got Em
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 5 SFleinStop joining my 16 round sflex dm
AudibleAa_o_ He__a_dez 7 TPinQBs are Overrated
AudibleAa_o_ He__a_dez 8 TPinFantasy Finals
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 6 SFleinSuperflex slow draft
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 7 SFleinPicker picker chicken dinner
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 8 SFleinHumpday night draft
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 9 SFleinEscape the Bachelorette
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 10 SFlinSuper Flex DM
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 11 SFlinSUPERFUN
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 12 SFlinC'mon Man
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 13 SFlinMonday Night Football
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 14 SFlinAll Positions Spread out Evenly!!
AudibleI Wentz My Pantz 15 SFlinAll Positions Spread out Evenly!!
Draft MastersAa_o_ He__a_dez 9 TPinAmateur Draft
Draft MastersBid ViciousinFill dis bit
Triple PlayGashouseGURillas 1 inTP Slow 49 IV
Triple PlayGashouseGURillas 2 inTP Slow 49 V
Triple PlayGashouseGURillas 3 inWhile your wife watches the bache
Triple PlayGashouseGURillas 4 inFantasy BALL
Grand SlamGoTrumpURself inGS Slow 124 II

5 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonClermont Cremators inGridiron God's
Full SeasonChicago BearsinAll American Dynasty
Full SeasonRandall Pink FloydinDazed and Confused
Full SeasonPhil Landfill KrundleinBeer League Specialist
Full SeasonClermont CrushersinUSFFL

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