Nickname: CrustySockPuppet
Fantasy Player Rank: #180
Fans: 30
Foes: 2

15 Money League Teams

Triple PlaySchmidt Heads 1 (125)inTP 125
Triple PlayNuke Laloosh 1 (50)inTP 50 4hr IV
Triple PlayNuke Laloosh 2 (50A)inThe Natural
Triple PlayGashouse GURillas 1inPlay Ball
Triple PlayGashouse GURillas 2inTP 20 2hr X
Triple PlayGashouse GURillas 3inSpring Training 19
Triple PlayGashouse GURillas 4inMonday Night Raw
Big LeagueMoustakas Knuckle 1inYou've got to lick it before you
Big LeagueMoustakas Knuckle 2inBL 30 4hr XIII
Big LeagueMoustakas Knuckle 3inIt's Snowing
Slam DunkDick PepperfieldinQuick Draft, Easy Money
Slam DunkJackie MooninBangers and Nash
FranchiseScootsie Double DayinBallers

3 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonPhil Landfill KrundleinBeer League Specialist
Full SeasonRandall Pink FloydinDazed and Confused
Full SeasonClermont CrushersinUSFFL

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