Nickname: DJJohnson
Fantasy Player Rank: #306

54 Money League Teams

High StakesDJJohnson2inIt's My Birthday
High StakesVinitaOKinCheap and Sleezy
All-AmericanAlkaline TrioinAll-American 875
All-AmericanAlkaline3inAll-American 858
All-AmericanAlkTrioinAll-American 1065
All-AmericanAlkTrio2inAll-American 965
All-AmericanBilly SimsinLets Ride
All-AmericanBlue CarolinainAll-American 981
All-AmericanBoomer SoonerinGood Times Fantasy
All-AmericanCraig CountyinDeaf from above
All-AmericanDeeJayinAll-American 839
All-AmericanDeesterinSmokeTown USA #420
All-AmericanDJ QuickinAll-American 1115
All-AmericanDJJohnsoninAll-American 889
All-AmericanDJJohnson55inJoe's Garage
All-AmericanDJJohnson6inAll-American 1074
All-AmericanDJJohnson69inAll-American 1045
All-AmericanDJs Last TeaminThe Dirty Dozen
All-AmericanHornets85inSmokeTown USA #2
All-AmericanOKLAinAll-American 924
All-AmericanOklahomainAll-American 865
All-AmericanOU SoonersinALL IN !
All-AmericanSoonersinMonday Night Football
All-AmericanStaubachin2 Legit 2 Quit
All-AmericanStaubach12inRoad Hogs
All-AmericanVHS HornetsinNice Boys
All-AmericanVinitaOKinAll-American 885
All-AmericanWalkerDinAll-American 906
All-AmericanWampus CatsinAll-American 1096
Triple Play85HornetsinBatter Batter bunt
Triple PlayCraig CountyinSelection weekend
Triple PlayDJJohnson2inSpring
Triple PlayOKLAinPlay ball
Triple PlayOU Soonersin2023 Massive Draft !
Triple Play610GunterinWild Pitch
Triple PlayAlkaline TrioinSpring Training
Triple PlayAlkaline3in10 Men In
Triple PlayAlkTrioinH2H Fantasy Baseball
Triple PlayBoomer SoonerinFantasy Ballers 2023
Triple PlayCardinalsinWBC Winners
Triple PlayCaribouinAlpha Males
Triple PlayDallas1977inhide the clock
Triple PlayDJJohnsoninSunday Night
Triple PlayDuck DynastyinGood day to play two
Triple PlayOklahomainBalls n Strikes
Triple PlayPennywiseinlast minte
Triple PlaySoonersinSwedish Elvis
Triple PlaySt. Louis 85inlate nite
Triple PlayStaubach12inAll Balls
Triple PlayVHS HornetsinFantasy Time
Triple PlayVinitaITinSwedish Elvis
Triple PlayVinitaOKinSwedish Elvis
Triple PlayWalkerDinWaiting for football
Triple PlayWampus CatsinChip Chip Bang
Draft Slot123456789101112

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