Nickname: Drew1380
Fantasy Player Rank: #224
Fans: 2

38 Money League Teams

ChampionshipMob Squad~1inFantasy Championship 5/18 8:00PM
ChampionshipMob Squad~10inFantasy Championship 5/26 7:00PM
ChampionshipMob Squad~11inFantasy Championship 5/28 8:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~12inFantasy Championship 6/1 8:00pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~13inFantasy Championship 6/2 7:30pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~14inFantasy Championship 6/4 9:30pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~15inFantasy Championship 6/5 7:00pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~16inFantasy Championship 6/5 10:30pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~17inFantasy Championship 6/8 3:00pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~18inFantasy Championship 6/9 7:00pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~19inFantasy Championship 6/12 8:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~2inFantasy Championship 5/14 9:00PM
ChampionshipMob Squad~20inFantasy Championship 6/12 11:30pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~21inFantasy Championship 6/13 9:30pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~22inFantasy Championship 6/14 7:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~23inFantasy Championship 6/15 3:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~24inFantasy Championship 6/15 11:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~25inFantasy Championship 6/16 7:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~26inFantasy Championship 6/17 7:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~27inFantasy Championship 6/21 8:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~28inFantasy Championship 6/22 8:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~29inFantasy Championship 6/23 8:00PM
ChampionshipMob Squad~3inFantasy Championship 5/15 10:30PM
ChampionshipMob Squad~30inFantasy Championship 6/28 11:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~31inFantasy Championship 6/29 11:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~32inFantasy Championship 6/30 11:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~33inFantasy Championship 7/3 8:00pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~34inFantasy Championship 7/5 9:00pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~35inFantasy Championship 7/7 8:00pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~36inFantasy Championship 7/10 9:30pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~37inFantasy Championship 7/13 3:30pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~4inFantasy Championship 5/16 8:00PM
ChampionshipMob Squad~5inFantasy Championship 5/20 9:30PM
ChampionshipMob Squad~7inFantasy Championship 5/22 8:30PM
ChampionshipMob Squad~9inFantasy Championship 5/27 8:00pm
ChampionshipMod Squad~6inFantasy Championship 5/21 10:30PM
ChampionshipMod Squad~8inFantasy Championship 5/24 9:30PM
ChampionshipPalauan WarriorsinFantasy Championship 5/23 10:30PM
Draft Slot123456789101112

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