Nickname: Drew1380
Fantasy Player Rank: #270
Fans: 3

73 Money League Teams

ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC1inFantasy Championship 3/28 9:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC10inFantasy Championship 8/13 09:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC11inFantasy Championship 8/15 1:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC12inFantasy Championship 8/15 4:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC13inFantasy Championship 9/5 11:59pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC2inFantasy Championship 3/31 9:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC3inFantasy Championship 4/7 9:00pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC4inFantasy Championship 5/17 3:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC5inFantasy Championship 6/28 7:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC6inFantasy Championship 6/29 8:00pm
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC7inFantasy Championship 7/1 2:00pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC8inFantasy Championship 7/9 7:00pm #
ChampionshipMob Squad~TFC9inFantasy Championship 7/12 2:00pm
RTFFCMob Squad~RT1inRTFFC Red 1
RTFFCMob Squad~RT2inRTFFC Red 3
RTFFCMob Squad~RT3inRTFFC Red 4
RTFFCMob Squad~RT4inRTFFC Black 2
RTFFCMob Squad~RT5inRTFFC Gold 9
RTFFCMob Squad~RT6inRTFFC Green 3
DynastyMob Squad~DYS2inRoyal Dynasty
DynastyMob Squad~DYS1inThe Jedi Council
Best BallMob Squad~BBC1inBest Ball Championship 1166
Best BallMob Squad~BBC10inBest Ball Championship 1312
Best BallMob Squad~BBC11inBest Ball Championship 1317
Best BallMob Squad~BBC12inBest Ball Championship 1406
Best BallMob Squad~BBC13inBest Ball Championship 1435
Best BallMob Squad~BBC14inBest Ball Championship 1455
Best BallMob Squad~BBC15inBest Ball Championship 1476
Best BallMob Squad~BBC16inBest Ball Championship 1481
Best BallMob Squad~BBC17inBest Ball Championship 1488
Best BallMob Squad~BBC18inBest Ball Championship 1494
Best BallMob Squad~BBC19inBest Ball Championship 1495
Best BallMob Squad~BBC2inBest Ball Championship 1172
Best BallMob Squad~BBC20inBest Ball Championship 1508
Best BallMob Squad~BBC21inBest Ball Championship 1551
Best BallMob Squad~BBC22inBest Ball Championship 1559
Best BallMob Squad~BBC23inBest Ball Championship 1642
Best BallMob Squad~BBC24inBest Ball Championship 1673
Best BallMob Squad~BBC25inBest Ball Championship 1661
Best BallMob Squad~BBC26inBest Ball Championship 2190
Best BallMob Squad~BBC27inBest Ball Championship 2223
Best BallMob Squad~BBC28inBest Ball Championship 2230
Best BallMob Squad~BBC29inBest Ball Championship 2242
Best BallMob Squad~BBC3inBest Ball Championship 1173
Best BallMob Squad~BBC30inBest Ball Championship 2254
Best BallMob Squad~BBC31inBest Ball Championship 2255
Best BallMob Squad~BBC32inBest Ball Championship 2278
Best BallMob Squad~BBC33inBest Ball Championship 2387
Best BallMob Squad~BBC34inBest Ball Championship 2403
Best BallMob Squad~BBC35inBest Ball Championship 2402
Best BallMob Squad~BBC36inBest Ball Championship 2482
Best BallMob Squad~BBC37inBest Ball Championship 2495
Best BallMob Squad~BBC38inBest Ball Championship 2511
Best BallMob Squad~BBC39inBest Ball Championship 2584
Best BallMob Squad~BBC4inBest Ball Championship 1181
Best BallMob Squad~BBC40inBest Ball Championship 2626
Best BallMob Squad~BBC5inBest Ball Championship 1199
Best BallMob Squad~BBC6inBest Ball Championship 1214
Best BallMob Squad~BBC7inBest Ball Championship 1221
Best BallMob Squad~BBC8inBest Ball Championship 1223
Best BallMob Squad~BBC9inBest Ball Championship 1232
Best BallMob Squad~BBCRJ1inBest Ball Championship 1501
Best BallMob Squad~BBPRO1inBest Ball PRO 515
Best BallMob Squad~BBPRO2inBest Ball PRO 501
Draft MastersMob Squad~BBDM3inFifty-Fifty
Draft MastersMob Squad~BBDM2inWednesday's lunch special
Draft MastersMob Squad~BBDM4inMorning Coffee
Draft MastersMob Squad~BBDM5inFriday afternoon lights
Draft MastersMob Squad~BBDM6inUPS and Downs
Draft MastersMob Squad~BBDM7inLast Chance to Draft
Draft MastersMob Squad~BBDM8inStill Counts
Draft MastersMob Squad~BBDM9inOne more time
Draft Slot123456789101112

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