Nickname: Elephant_in_the_Room
Fantasy Player Rank: #58
Fans: 9
Foes: 1

31 Money League Teams

All-AmericanDiggable 1inTuesday AA F U wanna fight about
All-AmericanDiggable 2inGet Zeke And Hopkins
All-AmericanSkinny DickinDraft Day IV
AudibleBalls DeepinEARLY BIRD
AudibleDandyinDez Bryant to the Vikings
AudibleRick Slick and the Fat inOCFME wax on wax off
AudibleBallin like a BallerinThursNiteDrafting
AudibleBalls DeeeepinSflexin
AudibleBalls DeepinJustify-ing the Odds
AudibledddinSunday draft
AudibleDead Money 2inRemembering the Fallen
AudibleDead MoneyinWho wants some
AudibleDickalickinDefense wins championships
AudibleDing DInginLate Night Crew
AudibleDing Ding BiotchinTueAudi
AudibleDitch DiggerinWedJuneDM
AudibleDurk DigglerinSlow Flex
AudiblefffffinHeight supremacist 23
AudibleHum DingerinSaturday night cheap practice
AudiblePuking TouchdownsinMonNiteDrafting
AudibleSting OperationinMonday Draft & Go
AudibleStink RaisininSFLEX tonight
AudibleSuck It DraftersinSFLEX or die
AudibleZZTopinThe Happiest Place On Earth
Draft MastersBallsDeepinSit and Go 100 I
Draft MastersSlick Rick and the Fat inSit and Go 100 IV
Draft MastersDing DinginSunday Draft
Draft MastersDing Ding BitchinWed Auction $$
Draft MastersSkinny DaninSpeed Drafters 6/18
Draft MastersSlick Rick and the SupeinSit and Go 20 XXXIX

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