Nickname: FrankieFromBuffalo
Fantasy Player Rank: #232
Fans: 1

106 Money League Teams

All-AmericanNct526inFinal May Friday AA Auction
All-AmericanATJFinGet er Done
All-Americannct630inQueen Cities
All-AmericanThis Won't FillinThe Franchise Quarterback
All-AmericanBrawndo The Thirst MutiinKeep The Chains Moving
All-AmericanGo LionsinDraftoholics
All-AmericanBud Bowl XXIXinDont like Auction
All-AmericanAw, the Denver BroncosinSpeed Drafters 6/16
All-AmericanEat MeinMake Fantasy Great Again
All-AmericanWinter is CominginFireworks
All-AmericanHalf-ManinBradys Deflated Balls
All-AmericanBobby Boucher MVPinThe way too early draft
Audiblenct328inKickers Lives Matter
AudibleNct330inElf Enterprises Presents I Pead
Audiblenct45inEarly Bird Special DM
Audiblenct46inNo Fumbles
Audiblenct411inCoin Flip
AudibleNct413inGlennon to Pead Perfect Combo
Audiblenct414inCash Money
Audiblenct418inNe'er Do Well
Audiblenct419inGet Money
Audiblenct420inMaybe it will fill
Audiblenct421inFriday night before the draft
Audiblenct423inFast Cash
Audiblenct425inShall we Draft
Audiblenct426inCasual Massage
Audiblenct430inEdge of Summer
AudibleNct511inSFlex Challenge
AudibleNct513inFever Saturday Night
Audiblenct513ainSaturday Slugfest
Audiblenct514inDeath 4 U Invite
AudibleThe Madden AmbulanceinSuper Awesome Fun League
Audiblenct515inNo way - corrected
Audiblenct516inHaven II
Audiblenct517inQuick Fix
Audiblenct517ainHumpday Backup DM
Audiblenct521ainBears Super Bowl Shuffle
AudibleNct522inNighttime Sweating and Flexing
AudibleNct523inI See a Bad Draft Rising
Audiblenct523binAudi UP
Audiblenct523cinThe No Homers Club
Audiblenct524inQuick fix
AudibleNct525inDiamonds and Auctions Last Foreve
Audiblenct525binAudi Draftmaster
Audiblenct527inAudi DM SFLEX
Audiblenct527binGO FOR IT..this one ;)
Audiblenct528inAfter Party
Audiblenct528binholiday drafting.
Audiblenct529inSuperfelx Dm
Audiblenct530in Cheapo Diaper to the Rescue
Audiblenct62inDM SUPERFLEX
Audiblenct65inChange UP SFLEX
AudibleNct615inSSFLEX Tricky
AudibleNct619inTRY ME
Audiblenct620inPick Me
Audiblenct621inWinter is Cumming
Audiblenct623inNot Your Same Old
AudibleNct622inPLAY PLAY
Audiblenct625inAUDI Fantasy
Audiblenct627inA Choice
Audiblenct629inEscape the Bachelorette
Audiblenct77dinLast 8 Standing
Audiblenct79dinGREAT 8
Audiblenct711inSUPER 8
AudibleNct712inCheap super
Audiblenct712dafin1 more tonight
Audibleyepperin1 more tonight
Audiblenct718dinLast 8 Standing
Audiblenct720inAll Positions Spread out Evenly!!
Audiblenct723inAudi SF
AudibleNct725inSuper Fit
AudibleNct726inSuper Cheapo
Audiblenct726binAll Positions Spread out Evenly!!
AudibleHold the DoorinBest Team Wins
AudibleTeam TeaminFootball Junkies
AudibleHa HainThe Dirty Dozen
AudibleA Place At The TableinThe Program
AudibleNelson Muntz Hall of FainFriday Friday Friday
AudibleSuper FlexoinSuperFlexin
AudibleGolf Cart GangsterinReal Quick
AudibleRegular JoeinDraftWay
Draft Mastersnct531inauction DM
Draft MastersNdkjdinAuctioneers Draftmaster
Draft MastersNct618binafter father's day dinner
Draft Mastersnct629dinThe 1 Hour Draft
Draft Mastersnct72ainLet's do this
Draft Mastersnct76inAuctionsRUs
Draft Mastersnct77ainFill dis bit
Draft Mastersnct78inSATURDAY NITE DM SNAKE
Draft Mastersnct79inRotoworld Experts Open Auction
Draft Mastersnct7d2ainNO DAYS OFF
Draft Mastersdebelloinauction fun
Draft Mastersnct713inJoin the Bear 2
Draft Mastersnct720inLets Go
Draft Mastersnct719aingoin once
Draft MastersNct724inDraft Masters
Draft Mastersnct726cinDraft To Win

1 Private Commissioner League Team

PlayoffTeam 2inGet Your Popcorn Ready

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