Nickname: FrankieFromBuffalo
Fantasy Player Rank: #138

47 Money League Teams

RTFFCnct92ainRTFFC Platinum 11
All-ProSpuds MackenzieinAre you ready
All-AmericanAvacado Ice Pick and Snin Gas Mask Bong
All-AmericanDwayne Elizondo MountaiinNo Punters on Sunday
All-AmericanFight or FlightinForeplay for the 4th
All-AmericanGood One WitchinIndependence day! Auction
All-AmericanLubchenko Learn NothinginMayniacs
All-AmericanNct522inFantasy Kings
All-AmericanNct530binMay 30
All-Americannct622inJune 22
All-Americannct810inSpend Wisely
All-Americannct812inBreaking News @ 11 FF League
All-AmericanNct813inLa Cosa Nostra
All-Americannct814cin1984 Ingsoc
All-Americannct815binThe Beer Battered League
All-Americannct822inMay the FORCE be with "U"
All-AmericanNct823inRoaring Lions
All-AmericanNct831binNinja Goal Line Moves
All-AmericanNct87inThe Draft...Play for Pay
All-Americannct89inOne Big little winne
All-AmericanNct93cinSunday Funday
All-AmericanNct95inLast Auction
All-Americannct95binDirty Dozen
All-AmericanRum HaminBengalMania
All-AmericanSuper FlexoinEarly Junkies
All-AmericanWacArnoldsinGreed is Good
Audiblenct528inPoint of Order
AudibleDo You Like Fish SticksinPre-Season
AudibleFight MilkinCircus Circus
Audiblenct520inSunday Funday
Audiblenct58inTuesday Toast
Audiblenct614inSaturday night cheap practice
AudibleNct712inThursday Night MFL
AudibleThunder Gun ExpressinDon't b scarred
Draft MastersB4FNCinBetter Bestest Ball
Draft MastersNct618inSpeed Drafters 6/18
Draft Mastersnct630inQuick 20 Dollar Draft
Draft Mastersnct71inFirst of the month
Draft MastersNct730inSpeed Drafters 7/30
Draft Mastersnct78inQuick & Easy
Draft MastersNct831inCoast to Coast
Draft MastersNct84inEarly Auction
Draft MastersNct85inTMT Cash OUT
Draft Mastersnct86inMonNiteAuction

1 Private Commissioner League Team

PlayoffTeam 2inGet Your Popcorn Ready

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