Nickname: FritzNY
Fantasy Player Rank: #77
Fans: 1

24 Money League Teams

All-AmericanBig FroggyinShow Me the Money
All-AmericanBurnt UmberinA Bunch Of Crazed Dogs
All-AmericanHammerheadinLeague of Legends
All-AmericanNight Train ExpressinThe Bud Light League
All-AmericanSchmuck on WheelsinCigars & Champagne
All-AmericanTurnbull ACsinMy All American
All-Americanx BedHeadinFantasy is a Brees
All-Americanx Chief OrmaninErr Uhh
All-Americanx Fire BadinMission Impossible
All-Americanx Giblets of DoominRandy Mo
All-Americanx Idlewild NorthinThe Hunt for Chubb
All-Americanx Impending PaininWings Beer Football
All-Americanx Iron BrigadeinGaroppolypse Now
All-Americanx Jaeger SchnitzelinLong Toss
All-Americanx Lord of BalrogsinGame of Throws
All-Americanx McCrackeninMore, More, More
All-Americanx McRibinatorinSacramento Trip
All-Americanx NY FuriesinBIG 12 FOOTBALL ANYONE?
All-Americanx NY TitansinSlow Hand Luke
All-Americanx Pot RoastinBiker Club
All-Americanx The JesusinBubble season 2
All-Americanx The MechanicinMonday Monday
All-Americanx Too BukuinCarted Off The Field
Draft Slot123456789101112

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