Nickname: FritzNY
Fantasy Player Rank: #59
Fans: 1

102 Money League Teams

All-AmericanBed HeadinDEFUNCT
All-AmericanBlackadderinThe Memorial League
All-AmericanBMT BroadwayinTraining Camp
All-AmericanFlatiron ThunderinLater League
All-AmericanFlopper ChapinRun down on the River
All-AmericanGotham MaraudersinPre July 4th Draft
All-AmericanGoulashinCan You
All-AmericanGreed is GoodinVandelay Industries
All-AmericanHawkeyeinPlay Hard
All-AmericanIdlewild NorthinLuncheon Meat
All-AmericanIron BrigadeinBest of the Best
All-AmericanMad MagooinAmerican Made
All-AmericanMcCrackeninLIQUID LUNCH
All-AmericanMetal PiginHump Day
All-AmericanMr MephistophelesinMonday Morning Blues
All-AmericanNice MarmotinDak to the Future
All-AmericanSchmuck on WheelsinCATCH A RISING BUM
All-AmericanThe WhopperinMaster Class
All-AmericanTurnbull ACsinMoneyday
All-AmericanWatcher of the SkiesinThursday Night Draft
All-AmericanWhite ShadowinMoney in my pocket
All-AmericanWolfy WolfmeisterinFFL End Game
All-Americanx Burnt UmberinSuper flex league
All-Americanx CobrasinMid day
All-Americanx DefunctinEarlybird
All-Americanx Mammoth BehemothsinJust in Time
All-Americanx RampartinFLEX MACHINE
All-Americanx VindicatorsinFantasy Fan
All-Americanx WarriorsinFlex Armstrong
All-Americanz Air StrikeinLunch Bunch
All-Americanz Beardless HipstersinEarly bird
All-Americanz Big Brain BrettinFancy Legball
All-Americanz Big FroggyinWEDNESDAY NIGHT FEVER
All-Americanz Big PalookainGrabmasters
All-Americanz Bring Me EveryoneinCompton Swap Meet
All-Americanz Chief Jay StrongbowinBack Water Fantasy Football
All-Americanz Chief Orman*inNight owls
All-Americanz Crusty Slobinone more?
All-Americanz Cut me some slacksinNFC Central
All-Americanz Dragon BreathinPaper chasin
All-Americanz Drinks are on the HouinThirsty Thursday 2
All-Americanz F TroopinAfternoon draft
All-Americanz Fire BadinAll American
All-Americanz Flatiron Hawks*inWeed n Draft
All-Americanz Flatiron WaspsinWINCHESTER 73'
All-Americanz Giblets of DoominLos Invasores
All-Americanz Grabasticin4th and Goal
All-Americanz GreedoinSmokin
All-Americanz Grumpy GusinAfternoon Delight
All-Americanz HammerheadinCandyland
All-Americanz High Seas FleetinJacked up 2
All-Americanz Jackie Rogers JrinSemper Fi
All-Americanz Jackie TreehorninTrouble Makers
All-Americanz Jaeger SchnitzelinKrafts Rub and Tug
All-Americanz Johnny Chimpoin2019 NFL Season
All-Americanz Lawrence*inDon't Draft Zeke
All-Americanz Lobster FaceinLet's do a damn lot count
All-Americanz Lord of BalrogsinHeavy Metal
All-Americanz Mahi MahiinPats Again
All-Americanz McRibinatorinRoyal Blunts
All-Americanz Medieval TimesinAll American
All-Americanz MercurochromeinGame Time
All-Americanz MI6inMonkey Business
All-Americanz MurgatroydinGreenfield Football League
All-Americanz Nick NackinGame time
All-Americanz Night Train ExpressinIts 420 Right Here
All-Americanz NY FuriesinCHEAP BEER LEAGUE
All-Americanz NY SmokersinHEAT WAVE
All-Americanz NY Titansinfantasy17
All-Americanz Pompous AssesinHerbal vice
All-Americanz Pot RoastinFriday
All-Americanz Rajeev VindalooinTD time
All-Americanz Returning Videosinlower case losers
All-Americanz Rockford FilesinA Fistfull of Dollars
All-Americanz RodaninMONSTER ISLAND
All-Americanz Skippy Bojangles*inearly draft
All-Americanz STFU Donny*inPHILLYS WORST
All-Americanz Suicide KinginStand for the Flag
All-Americanz The ContinentalinGo Shine your Getbox
All-Americanz The JesusinOH YEA
All-Americanz The MechanicinAfternoon Delight
All-Americanz The ShadowinLast 4th of July draft
All-Americanz The Strangerinthe Malcolm Butler did it
All-Americanz This is ThisinGO GET YOUR SHINEBOX
All-Americanz Too BukuinNFC EAST
All-Americanz UnguentinDon't want to work
All-Americanz x BombersinFlexachusetts
All-Americanz x CrusadersinSuper Flex
All-Americanz x DestroyersinFlexissippi
All-Americanz x DevastatorsinFlex Your Muskles
All-Americanz x GunslingersinBattle of Flexington
All-Americanz x KilgoreinSuperFlex Yea!
All-Americanz x MohawksinArnold Flexenegger
All-Americanz x RenegadesinFlex McNulty
All-Americanz x RippersinBattle of Flexatoga
All-Americanz x Roid RageinFLEXICO
All-Americanz x ShreddersinFrasco Classic
All-Americanz x VulturesinFlexylvania
All-Americanz x WarlordsinFlex Luthor
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