Nickname: Gravy11
Fantasy Player Rank: #212
Fans: 2

19 Money League Teams

DynastyJRG DinDynasty With Trading
DynastyJRG D2inRoad to Glory
Best BallJRG BBinBest Ball Championship 1918
Draft MastersJRG DMinLate Night Draft Addicts
DimesDime 10inDimes Best Ball 5306
DimesDime S1inDimes Best Ball 5276
DimesDJGinDimes Best Ball 5254
DimesDropping DimesinDimes Best Ball 5246
DimesDropping Dimes 2inDimes Best Ball 5259
DimesJDIMEinDimes Best Ball 5248
DimesJDimesinDimes Best Ball 5288
DimesJRG 7-5inDimes Best Ball 5266
DimesJRG D4inDimes Best Ball 5256
DimesJRG DimeinDimes Best Ball 5238
DimesJRG SDimeinDimes Best Ball 5300
DimesJRG10sinDimes Best Ball 5273
DimesSuperdimeinDimes Best Ball 5301 JOIN
Draft MastersJRG 2-25inDM Roto 20 8hr XXIV
Draft MastersJRGPinBest Ball 20 2hr XXIII
Draft Slot123456789101112

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