Nickname: Horford
Fantasy Player Rank: #475
Fans: 6
Foes: 2

53 Money League Teams

High StakesRocking a Chubb 07/19inSuperflex Sunday!!!!!!!!
High StakesThe Final Countdown 09/inMidnight Madness
All-American06/14 My First FailureinWeekend Flex off
All-American06/20 Will Fuller V tilinMidnight Madness
All-American06/21 Mike Vick in a BoinWho cares just draft
All-American06/29 Pleasure CruiseinDraft Day
All-American07/01 Gorgeous George KinLate Night Flex
All-American07/08 Adrian BeatersoninWednesday Night Showdown
All-American07/10 Mix Master Mike DinFriday Auction July10
All-American07/17 Catching Crabs wiinLate Night Fun
All-American07/17 I am the WallerusinFriday Night Fever
All-American07/20 Jay Gruden Cheer inMonday Night Flex
All-American07/25 The Big GronkowskinRTS SFlex PPR Championship
All-American07/26 Guard Duty for EpinRTS SFlex PPR Championship #2
All-American07/27 Kareem in the EndinRTS SFlex PPR Championship #3
All-American07/28 Jerryatric JonesinMidnight Madness
All-American08/03 Tyreeks Tough LovinMonday Flex
All-American08/05 Sandusky Shower SinLets Draft
All-American08/06 Watt the FaulkinThursday Flex
All-American08/09 Shiet out of LuckinFat Mitts
All-American08/11 Plaxicos PrematurinBidding War
All-American08/14 Baby CharkinCome on lets Draft!
All-American08/14 Guice GripinLate Flyers
All-American08/15 Lockett DowninSaturday Slamming
All-American08/15 Philly PhillyinDrink and Draft
All-American08/16 Pour one for MahoinSunday 8-16 Auction
All-American08/17 Mismanaged MisfitinLater Losers
All-American08/18 Thielen TDsinMidnight Flex
All-American08/19 ABs PR TeaminMidnight Flex
All-American08/20 Dak Dak GooseinThe fun league
All-American08/21 Drafting for DumminAfternoon Flex
All-American08/22 Dallas Goederts WinAfternoon Flex
All-American08/23 T DezpacitoinSmoke 'em If You Got 'em
All-American08/23 Winstons WanderininLate Flex but OK
All-American08/24 Davey Jones LockeinCOWBOYS HATERS UNITE
All-American08/25 Hot Chubb Time MainMidnight Toker
All-American08/28 Simple Jack DoyleinAfternoon Flex
All-American08/29 Golden Gate BridginHIGH Noon Auction
All-American08/29 That Russels my JinKeepin it Real
All-American08/30 Cry me a RiversinIts Football Time
All-American08/30 Reagor TargaryeninLunchtime Drafting
All-American08/31 Hot LockettinMonday Night Flex
All-American09/01 T Wet TDsinTuesday Night
All-American09/02 Chark WeekinMidnight Flexing
All-American09/03 Cobra KyinThursday Sept 3 Auction
All-American09/04 You Chenault PassinMidnight Sflex
All-American09/05 Fresh Prince of HinSaturday Auction Bid Well
All-American09/06 CharknadoinThe Late Shift
All-American09/07 T Moorening WoodsinLabor Day
All-American09/08 Last of the Mo AlinAfternoon Flex
All-American09/09 YuckinLast Minute Auction
All-American09/10 One Last RideinLast Call Auction
All-American09/10 Snakes SuckinRTS SFlex PPR Championship #4
Draft Slot123456789101112

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