Nickname: Ivan49
Fantasy Player Rank: #160
Fans: 11

44 Money League Teams

DynastyEZ MoneyinRoad to Glory
High Stakes07/29- Fred Lane Fan ClinThursday Night Flex
High Stakes08/19- High Stakes SnipinDelta League
High Stakes08/20- High Stakes KinginFriday Night Flex
High Stakes08/22- High Stakes BeasinSunday Night Flex
High Stakes08/26- -BeAsTmOdE-inThursday Night Flex
High Stakes09/02- JKs Shattered DrinThursday Night Flex
High Stakes09/07- HS KingsinMonday Night Flex
High Stakes09/08- One Last RideinLast Chance for Glory
High Stakes09/09- One More for theinLast Chance for Glory
All-American07/13- Little George KiinAuction 102
All-American07/25- Fred Lane Fan ClinAll American Flex Off
All-American07/26- JPPs Mutilated PinAfternoon Flex
All-American07/28- Deshauns PrematuinWednesday Night Flexoff
All-American07/31- The Many MasseusinSaturday night auction
All-American08/05- Hail MaryinLate Night Flex
All-American08/07- Mike Vicks DoggyinThat's What She Said!
All-American08/08- The Ray Rice RiginAuction > drafts
All-American08/11- Tyreeks DaycareinWednesday Flex
All-American08/12- APs DaycareinThursday Night Flex
All-American08/12- The Brady Bunch*inAuction Funhouse
All-American08/16- GronkSmashersinMonday Flex
All-American08/16- Ray Rices PunchoinLate Night Flex
All-American08/17- Free SquareinLate Night Flex
All-American08/17- Jimmy GQinTuesday Auction
All-American08/18- Superflexing*inEMERALD CITY MID DAY DRAFT
All-American08/19- Flex OffinAfternoon Auction
All-American08/22- Josh Gordons PisinSunday Flex
All-American08/23- Endzone MonsterzinMonday Flex
All-American08/24- -Endzone MonsterinTuesday Flex
All-American08/25- -Hail Mary-inWednesday Auction
All-American08/25- Little George KiinLate Night Flex
All-American08/27- Late NighterinLate Night Flex
All-American08/28- The Brady BunchinAfternoon Flex
All-American08/30- JKs Shattered DrinMonday Flex
All-American08/31- …BeAsTmOdinWest Coast Party Animals
All-American09/02- The 4th Manning inAfternoon Flex
All-American09/03- ShowTimeinAfternoon Flex
All-American09/03- WinByDesign*inShow me your TD's
All-American09/07- Morning GloryinBacon & Eggs
All-American09/08- -BeAsTmOdE-inAfternoon Flex
All-American09/09- EZ CashinLast Chance to Feed the Addiction
All-American09/09- Last DanceinOne More Chance!!!
Slam DunkNiagara All StarzinMonday Night Auction
Draft Slot123456789101112

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