Nickname: Ivan49
Fantasy Player Rank: #147
Fans: 8
Foes: 1

66 Money League Teams

High Stakes07/12- High Stakes SnipinSunday Night Big Boy League
High Stakes08/13- Fred Lane Fan ClinThursday Night Flex
High Stakes08/28- -Endzone MonsterinFriday Night Flexoff
High Stakes08/31- HS SnipersinMonday Night Flex
High Stakes09/04- High Stakes KinginFriday Flexoff
High Stakes09/08- HS KingsinMonday Flex
All-American05/02- Fred Lane Fan ClinFriday Auction
All-American05/08- JPPs Mutilated PinFriday Night Flex
All-American06/09- EZ MoneyinTuesday Night Flex
All-American06/13- Little George KiinSaturday Night Flex
All-American06/13- Ray Rices PunchoinS Flex Trade
All-American06/14- BeAsTmOdEinWeekend Flex off
All-American06/22- Andrew Lucks ShainMonday Night Flex
All-American06/24- EZ CashinWednesday Night Flex
All-American07/01- Tyreeks DaycareinJuly 1 Auction
All-American07/02- BeAsTmOdE SFinThursday July 2 Auction
All-American07/02- FlexOffinLate Night Flex
All-American07/03- BombSquadinLate Night Flex
All-American07/07- The Talented Mr.inFun July Auction
All-American07/09- Fantasy AssassininThursday July 9 Auction
All-American07/17- Snyders Sex PartinLate Night Fun
All-American07/20- Winning.inMonday Night Flex
All-American07/21-The KobecopterinTuesday 7-21 Auction
All-American07/24- The 4th Manning inRTS SFlex PPR Championship
All-American07/27- Chris Hogans HerinLUNCHTIME superflex
All-American07/28- Late Night CoininMidnight Madness
All-American07/29- HitmeninSuperflexing
All-American07/30- .EZ Money.inThursday 7-30 Auction
All-American08/01- Beastmode SF*inLegends Of The Turf
All-American08/03- Tyreeks Pimp HaninMonday Flex
All-American08/04- Hail MaryinTuesday Flex
All-American08/06- Hillary Clinton inThursday Flex
All-American08/07- ..Beastmode SF..inLate Night Bids
All-American08/10- Gronk SmashersinMonday Night SF
All-American08/12- Air Raid*inWednesday Night Draftin
All-American08/13- Megatron*inLimping to the Line of Scrimmage
All-American08/14- -The Talented MrinCome on lets Draft!
All-American08/15- Chris Hogans Herinthe opera
All-American08/15- Joe BideninSaturday Slamming
All-American08/16- .Air Raid.inLater Losers
All-American08/16- Jimmy GQinSunday Flex
All-American08/17- -AIR RAID-inMonday Flex
All-American08/17- Hillary Clinton inMidnight Flex
All-American08/18- WishboneinMidnight Flex
All-American08/19- Wasted TalentinAfternoon Flex
All-American08/20- ..BeAsTmOdE..inlate nite
All-American08/22- -APs Daycare-inAfternoon Flex
All-American08/22- -Wishbone-inFriday 8-21 Auction
All-American08/22- .The Talented MrinSuperFlex
All-American08/23- Scary TerryinAfternoon Flex
All-American08/24- TitleTowninAfternoon Flex
All-American08/26- -Air RAID-inWednesday Flex
All-American08/27- Endzone MonstersinNaked Cheerleaders
All-American08/27- The Kenosha AssainMidnight Flex
All-American08/28- No HuddleinAfternoon Flex
All-American08/30- -Little George KinSunday Football
All-American09/01- The KobecopterinFriday Night
All-American09/02- Brady BunchinMidnight Flex
All-American09/03- -Lolita Express-inGo for it
All-American09/06- -.Beastmode.-inSunday Flex
All-American09/07- -Hail Mary-*inLabor Day
All-AmericanOUT- 06/04inThursday Night Flex
All-AmericanOUT- 07/04inSat July 4 holiday special
All-AmericanOUT- 07/27inRTS SFlex PPR Championship #2
All-AmericanOUT- 08/30inIts Football Time
All-AmericanOUT- 09/10inLast Call Auction
Draft Slot123456789101112

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