Nickname: JOSH37
Fantasy Player Rank: #269
Fans: 1
Foes: 2

20 Money League Teams

High Stakesjj rocks 40inTHE NEED FOR SPEED
All-ProK q rocksinFrey Family Wedding Planners
All-Prok q rocks 17inFantasy Is Back
All-ProVikings 17inJames Starks Beard
All-Probig j little jinMake Superflex Great Again
All-ProKQ 777inWeek 1
All-Projj rocks 1010inSHAM A LAMA DING DONG
All-Americanj j roksinMIDNIGHT AA
All-Americanj power 99inThe Support Zeke Rally
All-AmericanJ rocks 9999inMurderers Row
All-Americanjj nelson powerinprotect this house
All-Americanjj powerrinPatriot Haters United
All-Americanjj rocksinJuly 4th Hangover
All-Americanjj rocks 40inSaturday night trade league
All-Americanjj rocks 99inHand Of Doom
All-AmericanJn rocks 1inThe Ball Busters
All-AmericanJordan 10inFumblerooski
All-AmericanJq 17inAll the Kings Men Redux
All-Americanpacker haterinWinners and Whiners
All-Americanviking 17inFantasy Football Masterminds

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