Nickname: JohnZ999
Fantasy Player Rank: #168
Fans: 2
Foes: 1

56 Money League Teams

ShootoutThanos QuestinPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutThanos Quest DueinPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ShootoutThanos Quest TresinPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
ChampionshipThanos Quest Cinque ZinFantasy Championship 8/26 2:00pm
ChampionshipThanos Quest Quattro ZinFantasy Championship 8/6 5:00pm #
ChampionshipThanos Quest UnoinFantasy Championship 6/5 7:00pm #
ChampionshipToast DueinFantasy Championship 6/10 7:00pm
ChampionshipToast Sei ZinFantasy Championship 8/27 2:30pm
ChampionshipToast TresinFantasy Championship 7/7 6:00pm #
RTFFCToastinRTFFC Blue 1
High StakesThanos Quest HS 250inLast Sunday Auction
High StakesBaby Arms HS 1inFour HS
High StakesBaby Arms HS 2inShow Us Your TDs
High StakesBaby Arms HS 4inTraining Camp
High StakesBaby Arms HS 6inGirls, Girls, Girls
High StakesBaby Arms HS 8inLast Day of School with Axe Elf
High StakesThanos Quest HS 3inAuction Lovers Delight
High StakesThanos Quest HS 5inThursday $125 Auction
High StakesThanos Quest HS 7inLabor Day Draft
All-ProNorrin Radd DueinFrankie and his league of junkies
All-ProNorrin Radd UnoinSUNDAY AUCTION
All-AmericanBaby Arms 11inFlex Armstrong
All-AmericanBaby Arms 16inIts 420 Right Here
All-AmericanBaby Arms 17infantasy18
All-AmericanBaby Arms 22inEarly Tuesday
All-AmericanBaby Arms 23inLeague of Legends
All-AmericanBaby Arms 3inThirsty Thursday
All-AmericanBaby Arms 6inSaturday Auction
All-AmericanBaby Arms 7inThanos is GOD
All-AmericanNorrin RaddinAuction June 1st
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 10inLucky Day
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 12inWadsquad
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 13inDestination Fantasy
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 14infantasy6
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 15inmorning coffee league
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 18inSharks and Minnows
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 2inTuesday Draft
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 20inAuction 6.0
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 21inMonday Monday
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 24inHump Day
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 4inSaturday night kickoff
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 5inTaco Tuesday Drafting
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 8inAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanNorrin Radd 9inOhio Rain
All-AmericanNot this year 19inTaking your money
AudibleThanos Quest Audi125inIt's always a good time for a dra
AudibleShalla-Bal DeuceinBest Ball Bonzo
AudibleShalla-Bal Dieciin5Days2Kickoff
AudibleShalla-Bal SeiinLunch Bunch
AudibleShalla-Bal SetteinPhantom of the Soap Opera
Draft MastersShalla-Bal Otto 100inBest Payback League
Draft MastersShalla-Bal NoveinMoes Tavern
Draft MastersShalla-BalinTaco Tuesday Auction
Draft MastersShalla-Bal CinqueinLunchies
Draft MastersShalla-Bal QuattroinMutant League Football
Draft MastersShalla-Bal TresinOlivia's Pool
Draft Slot123456789101112

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