Nickname: JohnZ999
Fantasy Player Rank: #255
Foes: 1

36 Money League Teams

ChampionshipDetroit Sausage FC1inFantasy Championship 6/23 6:00PM
ChampionshipDetroit Sausage FC2inFantasy Championship 6/25 8:30PM
ChampionshipDetroit Sausage FC3inFantasy Championship 6/27 4:20PM
RTFFCDetroit SausageinRTFFC Blue 2
High StakesThighbush HS 500inHigh Stakes 2018 Auction
High StakesThighbush HS 250inBIG TIME AUCTION
High StakesThighbush HS 250 DeuceinGolden Boys
High Stakesbush HSinPre 4th Auction
High Stakesbush HS 12inWeekend Auction
High Stakesbush HS 5inEarly Auction
High Stakesbush HS 8inFriday Night Auction Beatdown
High Stakesbush HS DeuceinAUCTION AUCTION
High StakesThighbush HS 10in#125 High Stakes #9
High StakesThighbush HS 11inMr Irrelevant
High StakesThighbush HS 3inFootball is back baby,
High StakesThighbush HS 4inSerious
High StakesThighbush HS 6inDerbywinner Birthday Auction
High StakesThighbush HS 7inThursday night auction
High StakesThighbush HS 9inA League of their Own
All-Americanbush 11inAugust auction
All-Americanbush 12inBreakfast Draft Addicts
All-Americanbush 17inDrink Up!
All-Americanbush 2inAuction 7/2
All-Americanbush 6inAuction 7/15
All-Americanbush 7inAuction 2.0
All-Americanbush 8inMonday Madness League
All-Americanbush 9inTraining Camp Auction
All-AmericanThighbushinIt's Auction Time
All-AmericanThighbush 10inAuction Nuts
All-AmericanThighbush 13inTuesday Auction Action
All-AmericanThighbush 14inPaper Tigers Fantasy League
All-AmericanThighbush 15inThe Fantasy Football League on RT
All-AmericanThighbush 16inThe Big Big Bid League
All-AmericanThighbush 3in"What's up, Bid 'em up"
All-AmericanThighbush 4inHump day throw down
All-AmericanThighbush 5inMcCoy is a Goner

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