Nickname: LovingLife
Fantasy Player Rank: #231
Fans: 2

30 Money League Teams

ChallengeAshleyinPlayoff Challenge 20.31
ChallengeTanyainPlayoff Challenge 20.128
ChampionshipBig One*inFantasy Championship 6/20 10:00PM
ChampionshipGreat Week Win Big- BlainFantasy Championship 7/2 10:30PM
ChampionshipI Love Football***inFantasy Championship 8/30 1:00PM
ChampionshipNew Beginnings*inFantasy Championship 7/27 2:00PM
ChampionshipOh So Happy**inFantasy Championship 7/11 9:00PM
RTFFCBig Explosions**inRTFFC Gold 5
All-ProWipersinPPR FFL Auction
All-AmericanAA- Loyola ChicagoinHold your hit league
AudibleBB Draft Day is the BesinDraft Day Fun
AudibleBB MAYbe I'll WininMonNiteDrafting
AudibleBB Memorial Day Weekendinthis wicked killer league
AudibleBB Oral SurgeryinHump Day Audi 10/25
AudibleBB SpringinLeave Our Guys Alone Sarge
AudibleBB Thank U for Your SerinSundayAfternoonDrafting
AudibleBB- My GF is Hotter ThainJust a little Green
AudibleBB- Snow in AprilinWedNiteDrafting
AudibleBB- Winter Storm in AprinMuskrat Love ❤️
AudibleBB-Friday Night LightsinFriNiteDrafting
AudibleBB-FuninRingling Brothers
AudibleMonday WorkinBB25FO20
AudibleNOPE March MadnessinFriNiteLites
AudibleNOPE-Usual SuspectsinUGuysAreDraftingFootballAlready
Draft MastersNOPE Collecting BenjamiinPlaying Hooky From Work
Draft MastersBB MatildainCrazy drafter
Draft MastersBB- DeadPoolinAfternoon Draft... JOIN NOW!!!
Draft MastersBB-Hot DoginDilly Dilly
Draft MastersNOPE I Love Pink TacosinGo Route

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Playofftanya jenseninJake Jensen's 2018 Playoffs

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