Nickname: Masers
Fantasy Player Rank: #239
Fans: 4

89 Money League Teams

AudibleMUTTinAudible NOW CIII
All-AmericanMuttley 1inBid them up
All-AmericanMuttley2inSunday savages
All-AmericanMuttley3inJust a Fantasy League
All-AmericanMuttley4inFLYING PIGS
Best Ballmutt1inBest Ball Championship 5572
Best BallMutt2inBest Ball Championship 5834
Best BallMutt3inBest Ball Championship 6998
Best BallMutt4inBest Ball Championship 7364
Best BallMutt5inBest Ball Championship 7376
FaceoffMuttley .inPittsburgh 20 Bracket 5
Draft MastersMuttleyinAuction
Draft MastersMuttley0inGoing, Going, Best Ball!
High StakesTWINKIES-inHS 125 8hr XIV
DynastyTWINKIESinGreen Monsters
Grand SlamTwinkies125inGS 125 4hr XIII
Big LeagueTwinkiesBL50inBL 50 2hr XXI
Big LeagueTwinkies BL1inBL 30 4hr I
Big LeagueTwinkies BL2inSilver Sluggers
Big LeagueTwinkies-AinDodgers vs Yankees
Big LeagueTwinkiesBL3inTwelve Men Out
Big LeagueTwinkiesBL4inSPRING FEVER
Big LeagueTwinkiesBLAinCrazy A L only auction
Triple PlayTwinkies-A50inCLEAR THE DUGOUT
Triple PlayTwinkies.A50inAuction
Triple PlayTwinkiesTP50inTP 50 4hr VI
Triple PlayTwinkies TP20inThe Dudester, if ya aren't into t
Best BallTwinkies BB14inBest Ball Championship 131
Best BallTwinkies BB17inBest Ball Championship 249
Best BallTwinkies BB20inBest Ball Championship 300
Best BallTwinkies BB21inBest Ball Championship 333
Best BallTwinkies BB24inBest Ball Championship 364
Best BallTwinkies BB4inBest Ball Championship 8
Best BallTwinkies BB5inBest Ball Championship 19
Best BallTwinkies BB7inBest Ball Championship 30
Best BallTwinkiesBB1inBest Ball Championship 4
Best BallTwinkiesBB10inBest Ball Championship 56
Best BallTwinkiesBB11inBest Ball Championship 85
Best BallTwinkiesBB12inBest Ball Championship 82
Best BallTwinkiesBB13inBest Ball Championship 113
Best BallTwinkiesBB15inBest Ball Championship 134
Best BallTwinkiesBB16inBest Ball Championship 172
Best BallTwinkiesBB18inBest Ball Championship 278
Best BallTwinkiesBB19inBest Ball Championship 244
Best BallTwinkiesBB2inBest Ball Championship 7
Best BallTwinkiesBB22inBest Ball Championship 337
Best BallTwinkiesBB23inBest Ball Championship 388
Best BallTwinkiesBB3inBest Ball Championship 6
Best BallTwinkiesBB6inBest Ball Championship 21
Best BallTwinkiesBB8inBest Ball Championship 27
Best BallTwinkiesBB9inBest Ball Championship 40
AudibleTWINKIES.inThe EarlWeaverJr Open
AudibleTwinkiesA-50in40/40 Canseco Biceps Bestball
AudibleTwinkiesA50incrazy 8
AudibleTwinkiesinColton and the Wolfman #3
AudibleTwinkies ARinColton and the Wolfman #4
AudibleTwinkiesAinBest ball More players
AudibleTwinkiesAAinHappy Hour2
AudibleTwinkiesDHinDraft and Hold #1
Draft MastersTwinkies50inBest Ball 50 4hr X
Draft MastersTwinkies50RinITS Time
Draft MastersTwinkies 2inHappy New Year! late
Draft MastersTwinkies 8AinHappyHour
Draft MastersTwinkies-inColton and the Wolfman #2
Draft MastersTwinkies-3inBeat AboveAllRoto
Draft MastersTwinkies..inGo time
Draft MastersTwinkies00inWhose got the Best Balls
Draft MastersTwinkies1inBest Ball 20 2hr I
Draft MastersTwinkies10Ain$$$ XV
Draft MastersTwinkies11inColton and the Wolfman #1
Draft MastersTwinkies11AinCrypto Mania
Draft MastersTwinkies12AinAuction Shmauction
Draft MastersTwinkies1Ain$$$ IV
Draft MastersTwinkies1RinDM Roto 20 4hr CIX
Draft MastersTwinkies2AinAuction 27
Draft MastersTwinkies3Ain$$$ III
Draft MastersTwinkies3RinDM Roto 20 2hr I
Draft MastersTwinkies4AinR$R$R$
Draft MastersTwinkies5Ain$$$ IX
Draft MastersTwinkies6Ain$$$ X
Draft MastersTwinkies7AinDay Drinking
Draft MastersTwinkies9Ain$$$ XIII
Draft MastersTwinkiesRA2inHappy Hour3
Draft MastersTwinkiesRA3inHappy Hour4
Draft MastersTwinkiesRA4inHappy Hour5
Draft MastersTwinkiesRA5in$$$$$$$
Draft MastersTwinkiesRA6inLazy Sunday Auction
DimesTwinkies0inDimes Best Ball 1
DimesTwinkies01inDimes Best Ball 15
Draft Slot123456789101112

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