Nickname: Narrenschiff
Fantasy Player Rank: #113
Fans: 3

17 Money League Teams

ChampionshipaberrantinFantasy Championship Slow 4hr I
ChampionshipbreachinFantasy Championship Slow 4hr II
ChampionshipcassandrainFantasy Championship Slow 2hr I
ChampionshipdregsinFantasy Championship 3/21 1:00pm
ChampionshipeagleinFantasy Championship Slow 4hr IV
ChampionshipfoneticinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr II
ChampionshipGrendelinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr III
ChampionshipHereticinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr IV
ChampionshipI JediinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr V
ChampionshipjackalinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr VI
ChampionshipKTOWNinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr II
ChampionshipLearinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr VII
ChampionshipMO MONEYinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr IX
ChampionshipNarrenschiffinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr X
ChampionshipOLOinFantasy Championship Slow 2hr XII
Best BallzaainBest Ball Championship 3723
Best BallZBSleepyinBest Ball Championship 4184
Draft Slot123456789101112

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