Nickname: PInabinet
Fantasy Player Rank: #222
Fans: 1

174 Money League Teams

AudiblePUFF PUFF PASSinCANT BEAT Me here, I dare U 2 try
AudibleAZZWHUPPINinDeep SFlex - Only 8 Teams
AudibleBADDASSMFinLate Night Lunacy
AudibleBADDASSMFSinLet's Get Ready to Fumble 2
AudibleBRING DA PAINinLate Night Superflex
AudibleBULLET PROOFinI'm Zooming
AudibleCOLD BLOODEDinHappy Days
AudibleDA BOMBinDeep SFlex - Only 8 Teams
AudibleDAWGGIE STYLEinOveractive Bladder
AudibleDONT TRUST AUTO DRAFT EinPigskin Pounders
AudibleDR LOVEinsupflex
AudibleFUMFinDraft in Place
AudibleGET UP FOR THE DOWNSTROinLate Night Quickie
AudibleGIT UR FREAK ONinLate Night Degenerates
AudibleHITTIN AND STICKINinBum Bum for Some
AudibleMEAN MACHINEinSaturday Morning
AudibleMEN N BLACKinLet's Get Ready to Fumble
AudiblePOP LIFEinMidnight Marauders QuikPix Deuce
AudiblePREDATORSinMasala in the Shorts
AudibleSTUPIDinJust Say No To Kickers
All-AmericanATOMIC DAWGSin420 Fantasy Football
All-AmericanAuto draft don't work!inSuper duper
All-AmericanBALLINinSix Feet Spaces
All-AmericanBLACK DAWGSinHump Me Again Day
All-AmericanBLACK KATinFootball !!!!!
All-AmericanBLACK LIGHTNINGinMidnight Lovin'
All-AmericanBLACK PANTHERSinWednesday Special
All-AmericanBLACKKKLANSMENinThe Draft on RT Sports
All-AmericanBOTTOMS UPinFill This Draft
All-AmericanBRASS MONKEYinFourth And Long
All-AmericanBUSTAMOVEinfantasy fiends
All-AmericanBUSTIN BALLZinTouchdown Tuesday
All-AmericanBUSTIN LOOSEinSaturday Night AA
All-AmericanBUSTIN OUTinNo politics
All-AmericanCASH MONEYinNFL fantasy
All-AmericanCOSMIC SLOPinMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanDANGEROUS 1inMiller Genuine Draft
All-AmericanDAWG POUNDinThe Baconator
All-AmericanDISCO DUCKSinBall Busters
All-AmericanDJANGOinNo Rainouts in Football
All-AmericanDONTBLAMEITONTHE800inTechmo Bowl
All-AmericanDOWN WIT THE PinFootball Day in America
All-AmericanDR FUNKENSTEINinTuesday Special
All-AmericanDROP THE BOMBinDraft Addicts
All-AmericanENTER THE DRAGONSinTuesdays Delight
All-AmericanEVILinFriday Night AA
All-AmericanFIRE DRAGONSinFun Times in Fantasy
All-AmericanFREAKY TALESinScooby Snacks
All-AmericanFUNK BEYOND THE CALL OFinButter Faces
All-AmericanFUNKADELICinDrunken Poker Night
All-AmericanFUNKUUPinSunday Delight
All-AmericanFUUCKDTRUMPinMonday Night Football
All-AmericanGAMIN ON YAinLong PPR
All-AmericanGFLOYDFUUCKTHEPOPOinSunday Funday
All-AmericanGRIDIRON GLADIATORSinWednesday Nighter
All-AmericanHAZARDOUSinLunch Club
All-AmericanHOW HIGHinNFL Football 2020
All-AmericanJB EXPRESSinWinner Winner Chicken Dinner
All-AmericanJUNGLE BOOGIEinSunday Night AA
All-AmericanKABOOMinThe Big Banana
All-AmericanKRUSH GROOVINinFantasy Footballers 2
All-AmericanLAST DANCEinStay Thirsty My Friends
All-AmericanMADD DAWGGS 2020inFantasy Made
All-AmericanMADDEN 2021inBlazed and Confused II
All-AmericanMAJOR PAINinMay Day Pay Day
All-AmericanMARY JANE!inWorking Hard
All-AmericanMEAN MACHINEinDraft City
All-AmericanMEAN MUTHAFUNKAZinSports are Back
All-AmericanMO MONEYinTuesdays Delight
All-AmericanMONSTA MASHinIt Ertz When IP
All-AmericanN DA ZONEinPower Lunch
All-AmericanNOBULLCRAPinBadass Fantasy Football
All-AmericanNOTORIOUSinGridiron Gurus
All-AmericanOH SHIITT!inSaturday Afternoon Delight
All-AmericanONETIMEinFist Full of Dollars
All-AmericanP UNIVERSITYinEnd of Month Draft
All-AmericanPFUNKinFantasy Fun Fun
All-AmericanPLAYBOYZinThe Best and The Rest
All-AmericanPOISONinFREE Money
All-AmericanPURPLE HAZEinCorona League
All-AmericanRED HOT CHILI PEPPASinFantasy Delight
All-AmericanREVENGEinTuesday's Delight
All-AmericanRHINOSinMidnight Cinderella
All-AmericanROCK STEADYinBrett Favre Invitational
All-AmericanRUNNIN WIT THE DEVILinSunday Nighter
All-AmericanSHATTEREDinWinners and Whiners
All-AmericanSMOOTH CRIMINALinMo Money
All-AmericanSOUL POWERinMonday night football
All-AmericanSTALLIONSinMe > You
All-AmericanSTATE OF SHOCKin1 more before the wife gets home
All-AmericanSTOMP THE YARDinFull Time Players
All-AmericanSTRUTTERSinNo Coke, Pepsi
All-AmericanSUPERBADDinSunday Draft
All-AmericanTERMINATORSinDrafting While Impared
All-AmericanTHE EQUALIZERSinReady, Set, Draft
All-AmericanTORTUREinWhy not
All-AmericanTOYZ N THE ATTICinFantasy Factory
All-AmericanUNDA DAWGSinAfternoon Delight
All-AmericanUNDERCOVER BROTHERinGrown Mans League
All-AmericanVULTURESinOG Kush
All-AmericanWARinSunday Delight
All-AmericanWILDHAWGSinMenutaur Super Draft
All-AmericanWILDKATZinOld School
All-AmericanWOLVERINESinTake Out Only League
EliminatorFUNKIN FOR FUNNinSurvivor Island
Best BallANOTHABRICKNTHEWALLinBest Ball Championship 2064
Best BallBATT MEN RISESinBest Ball Championship 2218
Best BallBIG PAYBACKinBest Ball Championship 2202
Best BallBLACK MAGICinBest Ball Championship 1617
Best BallBLAZIN SADDLESinBest Ball Championship 2350
Best BallBOOGIE N UR BUTTinBest Ball Championship 2367
Best BallCANDYinBest Ball Championship 2323
Best BallDA WIZinBest Ball Championship 2246
Best BallDAWG FIGHTSinBest Ball Championship 2193
Best BallDOIN DA BUTTinBest Ball Championship 2415
Best BallDYNOMITEinBest Ball Championship 1631
Best BallE.U. FREEZEinBest Ball Championship 2351
Best BallFIGHT THE POWERinBest Ball Championship 2103
Best BallFLAMING HEATinBest Ball Championship 2253
Best BallFUNKENTELECHYinBest Ball Championship 2357
Best BallGHOSTBUSTERSinBest Ball Championship 2124
Best BallGRANDMASTER FLASHinBest Ball Championship 2456
Best BallGRIDIRON MONSTERSinBest Ball Championship 2187
Best BallGRIDIRON VIOLENCEinBest Ball Championship 2126
Best BallHANDCUFFEDinBest Ball Championship 2310
Best BallHEAD OF STATE DTinBest Ball Championship 2388
Best BallITS N THA MIXinBest Ball Championship 2430
Best BallLAST DANCEinBest Ball Championship 2389
Best BallMONEYinBest Ball Championship 2137
Best BallMOTHERSHIP CONNECTION!inBest Ball Championship 2204
Best BallNASTY FUNK!inBest Ball Championship 2287
Best BallPARLIAMENT FUNKADELICinBest Ball Championship 2575
Best BallPOWERinBest Ball Championship 2056
Best BallRAIZIN HELLinBest Ball Championship 2366
Best BallRUFFNECKSinBest Ball Championship 2316
Best BallRUMNCOKEinBest Ball Championship 2291
Best BallSAY IT LOUDinBest Ball Championship 2213
Best BallTHE DARK KNIGHTSinBest Ball Championship 1885
Best BallTHE MATRIXinBest Ball Championship 1729
Best BallTHE TONIGHT SHOWinBest Ball Championship 2380
Best BallVICIOUS DAWGSinBest Ball Championship 2342
Best BallWASHINGTON WARRIORSinBest Ball Championship 2208
Best BallWE GOT GAMEinBest Ball Championship 1673
Best BallWHAT DA FUNKinBest Ball Championship 1641
Best BallWORKIN DAY N NIGHTinBest Ball Championship 2567
Draft MastersBOSS HAWGinsparky
Draft MastersGINNJUICEinSaturday Quick 50
Draft MastersGRIDIRON ATTACKinSit and Go 50 XXVI
Draft MastersALLSTARSinLegends Of The Fall
Draft MastersBLACK PANTHER PARTAYinFourth and goal
Draft MastersDOWN N DIRTYinSuper Duty Flex Best Ball
Draft MastersFIGHTING TIGERSinBest ball
Draft MastersFUNK U UPinQuick and Easy Draft
Draft MastersGRIDIRON GANGSTARSinBeach Time
Draft MastersOVER THE HILL GANGinSlow 20
Draft MastersSMOKINinBest Ball NOW II
Draft MastersTHE AVENGERSinFourth and Goal
DimesHAIL MARYinDimes Best Ball 5350
DimesHAMMERTIME!inDimes Best Ball 5380
DimesI GOT THE FEELINinDimes Best Ball 5353
DimesLETS GET IT ON MFinDimes Best Ball 5364
DimesRIDIN HIGHinDimes Best Ball 5184
DimesSTAYIN ALIVEinDimes Best Ball 5390 JOIN
Draft Slot123456789101112

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