Nickname: REPOMAN99
Fantasy Player Rank: #273
Fans: 2
Foes: 1

80 Money League Teams

DynastyC & C RB FactoryinThe Motley Crew
DynastyHitsquad DynastyinAmerican Made
DynastyJuice Monkeys DynastyinJ&L Dynasty League
DynastyOriginal Whizzinators DinThe Dynasty Experience
DynastyWidowmakers DynastyinThe Fast and Furious
All-AmericanHitsquad IIinAA Auction
All-AmericanHitsquad IIIinSHOOT YOUR WAD EARLY
All-AmericanHitsquad IVinEarly Birds
All-AmericanHitsquad IXinAuction 2.0
All-AmericanHitsquad VIIinV A L H A L L A
All-AmericanHitsquad XinSat June 27
All-AmericanHitsquad XIinlez get it poppin
All-AmericanHitsquad XIIinLet the Fireworks Fly
All-AmericanHitsquad XVIinSaturday Night Lights
All-AmericanHitsquad XVIIinTraining Camp
All-AmericanHitsquad XVIIIinBeerDayFunday
All-AmericanOriginal ELIMINATED 1inWednesday (why not v3)
All-AmericanOriginal ELIMINATED 3inQuarantine, more like borentine
All-AmericanOriginal Whizzinators FinThursday Night Flex
All-AmericanOriginal Whizzinators FinThursday Flex
All-AmericanOriginal Whizzinators FinMonday Night Flex
All-AmericanOriginal Whizzinators FinMidnight Madness
All-AmericanOriginal Whizzinators FinWednesday Night Flex
All-AmericanOriginal Whizzinators FinSaturday Sflex
All-AmericanOriginal Whizzinators FinSunday 7-12 Auction
All-AmericanOriginal Whizzinators FinSaturday Night Flex
All-AmericanThe Original WhizzinatoinNorthern League
All-AmericanThe Original WhizzinatoinDraft Trade Destroy Win
All-AmericanThe Original WhizzinatoinTacos league
All-AmericanThe Original WhizzinatoinLong PPR
All-AmericanThe Original WhizzinatoinFantasy Footballers 2
All-AmericanThe Original WhizzinatoinSaturday Night Lights
All-AmericanThe Original WhizzinatoinGridiron Heros
All-AmericanThe Original WhizzinatoinButt Fumblers
All-AmericanWidowmakers 1inWe Need Sports Back
All-AmericanWidowmakers 12inMy Fantasy
All-AmericanWidowmakers 14inGOATS Again
All-AmericanWidowmakers 15inTGI Friday
All-AmericanWidowmakers 16inWednesday Delight
All-AmericanWidowmakers 17inWay to Early Auction
All-AmericanWidowmakers 18inBack To Work
All-AmericanWidowmakers 19inWhy not
All-AmericanWidowmakers 2inFantasy Delight
All-AmericanWidowmakers 20inIts 420 Somewhere
All-AmericanWidowmakers 22inMonday Blues
All-AmericanWidowmakers 23insparky
All-AmericanWidowmakers 25inMonkey Business
All-AmericanWidowmakers 26inLa Cosa Nostra
All-AmericanWidowmakers 27inPower Lunch
All-AmericanWidowmakers 28inMonday night football
All-AmericanWidowmakers 30inMenutaur!
All-AmericanWidowmakers 32inWe Love Big TDs
All-AmericanWidowmakers 33inMo Money
All-AmericanWidowmakers 34inSports are Back
All-AmericanWidowmakers 35inNooner
All-AmericanWidowmakers 36inBrett Favre Invitational
All-AmericanWidowmakers 37inNerd Football League
All-AmericanWidowmakers 38inLow Key Faded
All-AmericanWidowmakers 4inVandelay Industries
All-AmericanWidowmakers 40inGreatest Show on Paper
All-AmericanWidowmakers 42inNothing but Q
All-AmericanWidowmakers 43inThe Dirty Dozen
All-AmericanWidowmakers 44inCOVID FREE
All-AmericanWidowmakers 46inPre Season Week 1
All-AmericanWidowmakers 47inAny day of the week
All-AmericanWidowmakers 48inNFL Final Fantasy
All-AmericanWidowmakers 49inDrafting with Patience
All-AmericanWidowmakers 5inMonkey Business
All-AmericanWidowmakers 50inRunning up the Score League
All-AmericanWidowmakers 51inWings Beer Football
All-AmericanWidowmakers 53inLABOR DAY DRAFT
All-AmericanWidowmakers 6inSuper duty flex
All-AmericanWidowmakers 7inForged in Pain
All-AmericanWidowmakers 9inRock Falls
EliminatorJuice Monkeys EliminatoinIf you ain't last... you're first
EliminatorJuice Monkeys EliminatoinChop Chop
Best BallMonkey Poop Tossers 5thinBest Ball Championship 1612
Best BallThe Original WhizzinatoinBest Ball Championship 1700
Best BallWidowmakers 3rdinBest Ball Championship 1804
Draft Slot123456789101112

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