Nickname: Rajlucas
Fantasy Player Rank: #117
Fans: 6
Foes: 1

33 Money League Teams

ChampionshipRibeye And The Fox TFCinFantasy Championship 4/3 9:00pm #
ChampionshipRibeye Express TFCinFantasy Championship 3/30 9:00pm
DynastyRibeye Express 500in500 Dynasty
DynastyRibeye And Fox DynastyinArrested Development
DynastyRibeye and the Fox DynainThe Fast and Furious
DynastyRibeye Exp and Fox OrphinShow Me The Money
DynastyRibeye ExpressinStark Industries
DynastyRibeye Express 125 DynainKing of the Mountain
DynastyRibeye Express 2020 DyninPlayers Club
DynastyRibeye Express And Fox inLegion of Doom
DynastyRibeye Express DyninMakers Mark
DynastyRibeye Express Orph TeainTalladega Nights
DynastyRibeye Express Taking OinTitans of Fantasy
DynastyRibeye Expresss DynastyinArmchair Football League
DynastyRibeye Fox DynastyinGridiron Gurus
DynastyRibz Fox Taking OverinThe Beer League
DynastyRibz Foxx DyninNakatomi Trading
DynastyRKJM ExpressinTrade Action
AudibleRibeye Express 125inNetflix-Break, let's draft!
AudibleRibeye Express 1-17inSlow Audi
AudibleRibeye Express 1-18inHAWAII 30
AudibleRibeye Express 1-28inCappuccino Kangaroo
AudibleRibz 2-14inBest Duelers
AudibleRibzzzzy and Foxxxxxy 2inCORONA WITH LIMEZ
Draft MastersRibeye Express DM 100inBest Ball Just Got a Little More
Draft MastersRibeye and Fox 2-5inSlow Hand Luke
Draft MastersRibeye Express 1-24inSlow Masters
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

Full SeasonRibeye ExpressinDallas Fantasy Football League

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