Nickname: RiptheJacker
Fantasy Player Rank: #287
Fans: 2

32 Money League Teams

All-AmericanRTJ 1inHigh Times
All-AmericanRTJ 10inBad Boyz
All-AmericanRTJ 11inOver the Hill
All-AmericanRTJ 12inSaturday Special
All-AmericanRTJ 13inMemorial Day Weekend Draft
All-AmericanRTJ 14inLet's goooooo!!!
All-AmericanRTJ 15inMidnight O'Clock
All-AmericanRTJ 16inNewbies only
All-AmericanRTJ 17inReady Set Go
All-AmericanRTJ 18inSunday Night
All-AmericanRTJ 19inMidnight
All-AmericanRTJ 2inAA Meeting
All-AmericanRTJ 20inBest Wishes
All-AmericanRTJ 21inSunday Night Football
All-AmericanRTJ 22inUp on top 11
All-AmericanRTJ 23inLets Get Jiggy
All-AmericanRTJ 24inWeekend Warriors
All-AmericanRTJ 25inMaster Class
All-AmericanRTJ 26inFantasy Showdown
All-AmericanRTJ 27inTailgate Special
All-AmericanRTJ 28inFantasy Fan
All-AmericanRTJ 29inWings and Football
All-AmericanRTJ 3inDraft Night - Rounds 2-3
All-AmericanRTJ 30inLast Man Standing League
All-AmericanRTJ 31inClassic League
All-AmericanRTJ 32inThe Best and The Rest
All-AmericanRTJ 4inDraft after the Draft
All-AmericanRTJ 5inEarly All-American League Live
All-AmericanRTJ 6inYo yo
All-AmericanRTJ 7inThere can only be one
All-AmericanRTJ 8inthe big doggs
All-AmericanRTJ 9inRaining days
Draft Slot123456789101112

1 Private Commissioner League Team

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